Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Live report #1

News flash from Portsmouth, NH--August 11, 2009

This is the Pete Morin News Service reporting from Portsmouth, NH where a town hall meeting/rally is taking place with President Obama as the main speaker. The President is speaking to a predominately partisan crowd-- I would say most are in favor of his healthcare plan by a, perhaps, 2-1 margin. It appears that many in the crowd are wearing SEIU T-shirts and holding signs indicating their support for Universal Healthcare.

The president’s beginning to speak--let’s see if I can make out what he’s saying---the microphone supplied by the union doesn’t seem to be working properly--now I can hear him. “Let’s get out there and let everyone know that Univer--I mean my healthcare plan must be passed. It’s important that you talk to your representative and tell him you want it passed NOW!!” The president appears to be relaxed as his supporters call his name and echo his sentiments. There’s another chant of some kind building in the background. Let’s see if we can make it out---. “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the Republican parrrrr-tee. Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the Republican parrrrrr-tee.”

The President is waving his hands in support of the throng who have come out on this beautiful August day. He’s wearing his Saul Alinsky T-shirt with matching jeans and presenting an aura of being just one of the folks. Several in the crowd are wearing their Saul Alinsky/Barack Obama T-shirts evidently purchased at the local Spencer’s Gift Store.

The President is preparing to speak again. “Let me be clear and let there be no mistake. We will get healthcare reform done this fall; not this winter, or next year, but THIS FALL. When Congress reconvenes, we will demand they act quickly before the rabid, fanatical, Brooks Brothers Brigade can mount any opposition. We will overcome.”

The crowd is cheering wildly as the President leaves the dais and moves through the masses to accept their adulation. He is smiling yet looking forceful as he shakes the hands of his followers. I can hear something else rising from the crowd. Let’s see if I can make it out--yes, I think I hear what they’re saying. “NO RAIN, NO RAIN, NO RAIN---”. Apparently, some in the crowd are re-enacting the famous Woodstock chant of 40 years ago. Unfortunately, the chant didn’t work then, but there should be no problem today with a clear blue sky with just a few passing , puffy clouds.

That’s all for now--this is the Pete Morin News Service reporting from Portsmouth, NH---what’s that rumbling sound I hear?? Did you bring an umbrella--or a poncho--or a doobie----or

This news clip provided by Pete Morin News Service

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