Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--editorial #4(The real world)

News flash from Washington, DC--August 20, 2009

An interesting little piece from Carol Brown, writing in The American Thinker--
“Senator Kennedy is requesting that state legislators change the law just for him. He would like the governor to appoint a temporary replacement upon his death. As the law currently stands, his senate seat would remain vacant until a special election be held. This election would not occur until at least 145-160 days, if not longer, after his death. But Kennedy has expressed his desire to have the state of Massachusetts have full representation during that time frame.
“Obviously the time frame would likely overlap when Congress votes on health care reform. I wonder if the Governor of Massachusetts will see fit to quickly change the law to make sure the Democrats have every vote possible when health care comes up?”

What Ms. Brown doesn't mention here, but has to be noted, is that Senator Kennedy had the law changed in 2004 to allow for a special election when it appeared that Gov. Mitt Romney might have to replace Senator Kerry. Kennedy feared that Romney would replace Kerry with a Republican. Kennedy never misses a beat does he; always looking out for the average Joe!

Here’s the hypocrisy of the ‘Liberal Lion of the Senate’ for all to see. Everyone knows how concerned Senator Kennedy is to follow the rule of law and represent the people as honestly as he can--right? WRONG!! Kennedy is only concerned about power and the use thereof. His whole tenure as a United States Senator has been about helping himself and his party. This man has such ideological blinders on that concern for what a public option will do to our healthcare system doesn’t even appear on his radar. To him, government can do no wrong--it can only help the little guy against those BIG, BAD special interests. Senator, your whole life has been one, big roll over to special interests; and the sad part is--you didn’t even KNOW IT!!

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