Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pete Morin News Service Issue #1

Newsflash from Washington, DC----July25, 2009

With the imminent passage of the ObamaCare HealthCare bill just days away, the Obama administration has issued its guidelines for cost analysis and oversight of the program to the general population. The following panel and oversight committee will be established to help administer this new Federal program.

A new committee, designated the ”Universal Resource Department for the Efficient Application of Doctors” (also known as URDEAD) will be implemented for cost analysis and compliance with the new Federal regulations concerning patient care. The following individuals will head up the committee and administer claims and support for the efficacy of such care.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel—MD, PhD, Head of the department of Bioethics at the NIH
Peter Singer—Philosopher and Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University
Nancy Pelosi—Speaker of the House of Representatives
Peter Orszag—Director of the Office of Management and Budget
David Letterman—Late night comedian and quintuplet by-pass surgery expert

These five individuals will be charged with reviewing all claims made to the URDEAD to facilitate the expeditious provision of healthcare under ObamaCare. Should any appeals be required from decisions made by URDEAD the appellate process will be handled by the “Temporary Oversight Board Assisting Doctors” (also known as TOBAD). All reviews made by TOBAD will be final.

These new committees, embedded within the URDEAD will lead to “great cost savings” according to President Obama and his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

This news clip provided by the Pete Morin news service.

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