Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Pete Morin Editorial Review #2014-3

The Pete Morin News Service has been granted an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama prior to his a State of the Union speech to be given on January 28th.

PMNS: Thank you Mr. President for sitting down with us prior to your State of the Union speech. Hope there's no hard feelings over our last interview.

POTUS: You're welcome, Pete. Of course there's no hard feelings over previous interviews. I we'll understand that there will be questions asked of any administration as to whether the policies of an administration are effective and can help the American people in regard to fairness in employment opportunities, securing our social safety net, empowering women and giving them access to adequate healthcare including reproductive services and......

PMNS: Excuse me Mr. President, but I have only a very limited time to ask questions, so I hope...

POTUS: Of course, fire away. I'll just make sure the IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security aren't monitoring our conversation.

PMNS: Ah, Mr. President, I, ahhh....

POTUS: Just kidding, Pete. Just kidding. Please continue.

PMNS: Concerning the NSA, Mr. President. Is there any plan to scale back the amount of information being captured by the  agency.

POTUS: As you know, Pete, security for United States citizens is my #1 priority.  I've instructed the NSA to collect only that data from individuals which would be considered a threat to our homeland. Let me be clear. I have a phone and a pen, and I will use that phone, probably more so than the pen since you can't very well call someone up with a pen, to find out if my instructions are being carried out faithfully.

PMNS: Does this mean your phone conversations with NSA officials will be monitored just like any ordinary citizen?

POTUS: Well let just say that there may be times when the phone is, ah, ah, broken, so the pen will be ah, ah used when and if that should occur, ahh..

PMNS: I understand Mr. President. National security and all. What about the IRS scrutinizing tax exempt status for Conservative groups.

POTUS: As I've said in previous interviews, there's no room in our form of government for this kind of treatment of specific organizations. However, a thorough investigation was performed by our administration and no criminal wrongdoing was identified to warrant any continued investigation.

PMNS: But Mr. President, wasn't the individual who led that investigation within the Justice Department a donor to your campaign and....

POTUS: Now hold on Mr. Morin, the amount she gave to my campaign was pocket change compared to the amounts I received from other donors. So let's just move on, shall we?

PMNS: Of course, Mr. President. There's talk that you will focus on income inequality in your speech tonight. How will you present this issue to the American people.

POTUS: Exactly correct, Pete. Income inequality is a major problem in today's economy. OXFAM recently reported that the top 85 billionaires controlled, or had more money than 3.5 billion people across the globe. I ask you. Is this the kind of fairness we want for our children and family members regarding income? Absolutely not. It's imperative that people with higher incomes pay more in taxes to level the playing field, so to speak.

PMNS: What methods, or strategy, could be used to level that field?

POTUS: We can raise the minimum wage, for one. Who can live on $7.25 an hour!

PMNS: There are studies Mr. President that show only 3 million, or so, people on minimum wage and 60% of those are between the ages of 18 & 24. How will raising the minimum wage help such a small portion of the population?

POTUS: It may be small to you, Mr. Morin, but to these families, whose votes I definitely need, it's a big deal. I'm not going to play politics with these people's lives. Democracy is just as important to them as it is TO EVERYONE ELSE, and I've GOT A PHONE AND A PE......

PMNS: Got it Mr. President. Just one more question please. You taught Constitutional Law. Do you believe you've been completely faithful to the Constitution and not gone beyond your power with executive orders?

POTUS: Make no mistake, Mr. Moron, when it comes to doing something positive for the American people, if I have to go around Congress, I will. Those lazy, good for nothing, fat butt recalcitrant layabouts are not going to stop me from performing my obligations and duties to this nation. If I have go it alone, I will. If I have to pass laws myself, I will. If I have to judge the law's constitutionality, I will!! Got it, Mr. PMNS? And another thing, don't you ever tell me---------

At this point the interview is concluded with John Podesta pulling the President away begging him to ready himself for another brilliant SOTUS. Good luck, Mr. President. And---good luck America.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--#2014-2

Rule of Law

The recent passing of Nelson Mandela raises a question as to whether a nation transformed through the efforts of a charismatic, principled leader can remain free and democratic as envisioned by that leader, or whether that nation will erupt into chaos simply because the leader is now gone.

Nelson Mandela had his faults, chief among them was to embrace communism, and the support of communist leaders as an attempt to gain power. But when he eventually gained his freedom, he didn't resort to vengeance, or authoritarian rule in leading South Africa. He chose democracy and a respect for the rule of law as a means of governing. Today, South Africa stands at a crossroads in determining whether it will remain true to democratic rule, or sink into the abyss of an authoritarian regime.

The rule of law is the most important component of a nation's ability to provide its citizens with security from dictatorial rule from within and belligerent attacks from foreign powers. A rule of law isn't developed in just a few years, nor nourished from the captivating exhortations of a charismatic orator. We're it so the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and other lesser humans would secure the blessings of liberty.

The rule of law started its long journey in England almost 800 years ago. In America almost 400 years ago. It's development began with a people's recognition that leaders must not only be selected, but approved by the people. If law is to be respected, it must be approved by those who are to be affected by its jurisdiction. The rule of law, embodied and codified in written form, would be the best method for self rule and self preservation. In essence, it is the glue that holds people together regardless of race, creed, national origin or ethnicity. It saved America during the Civil War through the efforts of Abraham Lincoln by his refusal to accept the South's secession. It preserved America during two European wars and made us recognize our strong character during the trying time of The Great Depression. The rule of law, a charter determined by a people defining the ability of government to affect the governed, gives us a chance for Justice and tranquility in a society of disparate people.

Let's hope that we never abandon this rule, but give it added strength through diligence to its benefits and honor to those who created it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pete Morin Editorial Review #2014--1

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything to this blog, in fact, nothing in 2013. Perhaps because it's downright depressing to look at the political situation in a nation once known for individualism and concern for property rights as expressed in our founding charter.

Alas, those days are gone. Today we have an especially intrusive national government bent on knowing our every move. The NSA tracks our communications, Obamacare demands to know our medical history and the progressive left seems to consider these issues to be good for the general welfare.

The national mainstream media fawn all over this brand of leadership and the rancor they engender paints people who believe in personal, and property rights, to be 'extremist.'

Based on this hypothesis of a country ill prepared to defend a people from becoming subjects to a leviathan masked as a government, allow me to present the following possible outcomes on the political scene for 2014.

1) Obamacare will continue to be unworkable. Increasing the number of people with insurance without increasing the number of doctors, hospitals and support personnel, flys in the face of the law of supply and demand. I suspect that progressives understand this, although one can't be sure how much penetrates the brains of a progressive ideologue. Obama's true intention could be to create a disastrous system. Then he, and his socialist handlers, could point to the utter failure of the free market concerning healthcare and call for a single payer system.

2) The NSA will continue to spy on all Americans. Challenges will be made to the Supremes Court, but to no avail. John Roberts is now a full fledged liberal progressive and he will want to stay in the good graces of his new lords and masters in the Executive Branch.

3) A comprehensive immigration bill will be passed because a pathetically weak Speaker will go to any lengths to quiet opposition to anything but Obamacare.

4) The Middle East will explode. Israel will attack nuclear facilities in Iran causing a major conflagration throughout the region. Iraq will sink into civil war with Al Queda playing a significant role in the mayhem.

5) The US economy will take a major hit when war breaks out in the Middle East. The stock market will take a dive incurring loses of 30-40%. The effects of Obamacare, and the poor economy, will cause unemployment to skyrocket in the range of 10-12%. Rioting in the inner cities, with more calls for income redistribution, will become a constant refrain. Bill De Blasio, the new mayor of New York City will drop his facade of being a progressive and call for a socialist state in the mold of Cuba or Venezuela.

6) A strong Conservative leader will call for the impeachment of President Obama once the Republicans gain control of the Senate. It's entirely possible that he will be convicted despite the aforementioned rioting taking place in the inner cities.

There are many more points that could be listed that makes for a very interesting 2014 and beyond, but of one thing I'm certain; the United States cannot continue on with any kind of progressive leadership. Progressivism must be fought, destroyed and buried. It is no longer good enough to just watch from the sidelines as the Nation descends into economic hell. It is no longer acceptable to 'go along to get along' in the Nation's legislative branch. Tough, hard nosed leadership from Republicans is absolutely necessary if we are to retain any semblance of a free people.

One hundred years ago Lord Grey said it succinctly at the start of World War I: The lamps are going out all across Europe. Let's not have the lamp of liberty go out in this great country. Advocate, and fight for, FREEDOM!! There is NO alternative.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review # 2012-17

Washington News alert

The Pete Morin News Service has convinced president Barack Obama to take a few minutes during his busy re-election schedule and talk about his future plans to improve the economy.

PMNS: Thank you Mr. President for taking time to talk to me, and congratulations on your re-election.

POTUS: Well, you're welcome, Pete. No hard feelings about our last interview, I hope.

PMNS: None at all, Mr. President. Mr. President, could you give us a general outline about what you plan to do to get the economy going during your second term?

POTUS: Certainly, Pete. As you know, I inherited a terrible mess from my predecessor, but fortunately, my re-election will give me an opportunity to rectify his mistakes.

PMNS: Are you talking about President Bush and his administration?

POTUS: Actually, no. I corrected those mistakes. I'm referring to the mistakes made by President Reagan. His building up the Defense department caused an imbalance of world power which led to the rise of Iran, the Syrian Civil War, artificially low valuation of the Yuan, global warming, which led to superstorm Sandy, low birth weights among children in poor households, and the cancellation of the NHL hockey season. Now, what I propose....

PMNS: Excuse me, Mr. President. The cancellation of the NHL season?

POTUS: Of course, Pete. Global warming's impact has created superstorms which are threatening ice formation leading to the possibility of our ice hockey players becoming roller derby....

PMNS: Moving on, Mr. President. Can you give us a glimpse into your plans for the coming year with respect to improving the economy?

POTUS: Well, the car's been driven into a ditch by the Republicans and I'm going to take their keys away. First thing I'm going to do is ask Congress to appropriate $935 billion in stimulus money to be spent rebuilding the infrastructure and creating green energy jobs. These will be shovel ready jobs with good pay and excellent benefits for all union workers employed in the rebuilding process. This should, I mean, WILL lead to a reduction in the unemployment rate to 5.4%. As you will remember, the unemployment rate was 7.9% when I came into office and I intend...

PMNS: One moment, Mr. president. The unemployment rate when you entered office in 2009 was 7.9% and today it is still 7.9%. You tried this same approach in 2009 with little success. What makes you believe it will work this time?

POTUS: In 2009, I wasn't already the president. Now, I'm already the President. So this time it will work. The previous stimulus amount wasn't enough to get the car out of the ditch. This stimulus will put a real tiger in the nation's tank, so to speak.

PMNS: OooooooK. What other plans do you have that you can share with us.

POTUS: Cash for windmills.

PMNS: Excuse me, Mr. president. Cash for windmills?

POTUS: Yes, Mr. Morin. Cash for windmills. All the old windmills produced in 2009 and later need to be replaced with the new, up to date, advanced hi tech windmills. We simply take down all the current windmills and replace them with the new, improved windmills. Think of the thousands, heck millions of new green jobs that will be created by replacing the windmills. Several companies are already bidding on the contracts that will be issued.

PMNS: Care to mention any names?

POTUS: I believe Tipper Gore has a venture firm called 'Windra' that's sure to produce low cost green energy power and....

PMNS: Mr. President that sounds an awful lot like Solyndra, the failed solar panel company that...

POTUS: Now, let me be clear, Mr. Morin. I'm not going to allow accusations that my green energy jobs are going to crony capitalists, or any such nonsense. These are good, high paying jobs that will improve our economy, strengthen the middle class, and get that car out of the ditch, got it?

PMNS: Certainly, Mr. President. Just one more question. The last interview we had concerned the problems in Benghazi. Any new status update you can give us on the investigation about who knew what, when and...

POTUS: I believe, Mr. MORON, I told you every detail I had available about who I am, where I was when I knew who I was when I knew it. I'm not focused on the past pal, I'm moving FORWARD!!!! In fact , I can hear my supporters calling for me now. Can you hear them, Mr. MORON?????.......four more years, four more years........

The interview concludes with David Alexrod pulling the President away to bask in the glory of an adoring crowd. It's going to be an interesting four more years.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review # 2012-16

Washington News Alert---

The Pete Morin News Service sat down with President Obama for an exclusive interview concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack. The following is a transcript of that interview.

PMNS: Mr. President, thank you very much for agreeing to an interview. As you know, the American people are very concerned about the events in Benghazi. The News Service has only a few questions.

POTUS: Certainly Pete, I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability.

PMNS: The attack on the consulate started at approximately 2:40 Eastern time and ended at 9:40 Eastern time. Were you at the White House during this time?

POTUS: Yes, I believe I was at the White House, except between the hours of 2:42 and 9:37 when I believe I was practicing my putting, or, perhaps shooting a few hoops.

PMNS: Regardless Mr. President, you would have been informed of the attack on the consulate?

POTUS: Certainly I would have been told.

PMNS: Mr. President. At what time were you informed that our consulate was under attack, and who told you?

POTUS: Well, as you know, we have an investigation going on to determine when I was informed and....

PMNS: Wait, wait Mr. President. It hardly seems necessary for you to investigate when you were informed and by whom. After all you were there.

POTUS: That's true Pete, but an investigation is still required to find out the exact particulars as to what happened at the consulate and to find out the extent to which the offensive video influenced the spontaneous attack. The attack should not be....

PMNS: Excuse me Mr. President, but that's not the question that I asked. I'm simply asking you to inform the American public as to when you knew the attack was happening and who informed you.

POTUS: There are not any simple answers to this question, Pete. After all. I could have been indisposed, or I could have turned an ankle on the court, or any other possibility......

PMNS: So, you don't know when you learned of these tragic events, or you just don't remember?

POTUS: That's correct Pete. We're still investigating when I was told what I knew when I knew it.

PMNS: Un--huh. Well, let's move on. On a radio interview in Denver this last week you said when you learned of the incident at the consulate you issued three clear directives-- and I quote: "Well, we are finding out exactly what happened. I can tell you, as I've said over the last couple of months since this happened, the minute I found out what was happening, I gave three very clear directives. Number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to. Number two, we're going to investigate exactly what happened so that it doesn't happen again. Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice."

PMNS: Well, # 1 Mr. President, obviously was unsuccessful. Regarding point #2. Isn't it a bit unusual to order an investigation when an attack is actually taking place? Wouldn't it be better to order such an investigation AFTER the attack?

POTUS: You're assuming, Mr. Morin, that I learned of the attack during the time of the attack. This is certainly not at all an established fact. Why, I could have learned about it in Las Vegas, or Hillary, or whoever could have passed me a note in the White House locker room. As I stated before, we're still doing an investiga.......

PMNS: Mr. President, please. The American people deserve an answer as to what......

POTUS: And I'm being as accurate and truthful as I can be, Mr. Morin!!!!! We will find out who was enraged by this disgusting YouTube video and tell them that, that they should not get angry just because America hasn't been good to them all the time and......

PMNS: Please!!!! Mr. President. Why didn't you simply order American planes and troops to Benghazi to stop the slaughter. Wouldn't that have accomplished your third point? That is, to bring the attackers to justice while it was actually happening?

POTUS: Because we weren't sure who told me what when, how, or if this wasn't just another fake attack by some phony al Qaeda group that we have already put back on their heels!! Besides, these are not questions that need to be answered during the campaign. There will be plenty of time to finish our investigation. Then we'll know who I am, where I was when what was supposed to have happened actually happened!!! Now, if you don't mind Mr. MORON, I've got to be off to Ohio. They deserve to hear about my new plan to get the Economy going. To provide birth control because that meany Mitt Romney wants all women pregnant in the kitchen and.........

The interview concludes with David Axelrod pulling the President away from the interview. But I can hear the President get emphatic as he states that all he needs are four more years to accomplish his goal of transforming America and possibly finishing the Benghazi investigation. 

This is the Pete Morin News Service reporting from Washington, D.C. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review #2012-15

I am an American

Just prior to my graduation ceremony from junior high school in 1961, all students in the class had to give a presentation, or speech, to the general public. I chose the poem, 'I am an American' by Elias Lieberman. I had no idea who Mr. Lieberman was, nor did I have a real understanding of what his words meant. I was merely a 13 year old young kid trying to get through an experience as best I could. My speaking and memory skills were rudimentary and unrefined, so any presentation I would make was bound to be apparent with stage fright.

As an adult I began to understand what it means to be an American, an individual free to pursue my life as I see fit in a peaceful manner. Deciding what kind of car to drive, where to live, what kind of house to buy, what I want to eat, expressing my thoughts in words and deeds were what it means to be free. In fact, millions of people came before me to define their lives through the same actions. Some went to war to defend these freedoms, to preserve them for their children and grandchildren. Many didn't return from distant battlefields. What do people living in the United States today owe those that came before. What do we owe those who understood the importance of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the natural rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? I doubt that many people think of this proposition; that our ancestors bequeathed a nation to their posterity that would be better because of their actions. That we understand the importance of the meaning of the word 'American.'

So here it is; that poem I read fifty years ago. The poem I didn't quite get, but today is the heart and soul of my writing. Enjoy.

by Elias Lieberman

I am an American.
My father was a son of the Revolution.
My mother was a colonial dame.
One of my ancestors pitched tea overboard in Boston Harbor.
Another stood his ground with Warren;
Another hungered with Washington at Valley Forge.
My forefathers were America in the making.

They spoke in her council halls!
They died on her battlefields.
They commanded her ships!
They cleared the forests.

Dawns reddened and paled. 
Staunch hearts of mine beat fast 
At each new star in the nation's flag.
Keen eyes of mine forsaw her greater glory:
The sweep of her seas,
The plenty of her plains,
The man-hives in her billion-wired cities.
Every drop of blood in me holds a heritage of patriotism!
I am an American!

I am an American!
My father was an atom of dust,
My mother, a straw in the wind
To his Serene Majesty.
One of my ancestors died in the mines of Siberia;
Another was crippled for life by twenty blows of the knout;
Another was killed, defending his home during the massacre.
The history of my ancestors is a trail of blood
To the palace-gate of the Great White Czar.

But, then the dream came---
The dream of America.
In the light of the Liberty torch, 
The atom of dust became a man
And the straw in the wind became a woman
For the first time.

See, said my father, pointing to the flag that fluttered near,
"That flag of stars and stripes is yours;
It is the emblem of the promised land.
It means, my son, the hope of humanity.
Live for it---die for it!"

Under the open sky of my new country, 
I swore to do so, 
And every drop of blood in me 
Will keep that vow.
I am proud of my future.
I am an American. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review #2012--14

Skippy, the Sage Books Cat

When you open a used bookshop, there's a couple of things you can't do without. The first thing is books, and the second thing is a bookstore cat. We had the first point pretty much covered, but the second  wasn't fulfilled until the fall of 1998 when Itty Bitty Kitty arrived on the scene. A young, scared little black cat that didn't much care for being alone, or outside, showed up at the backdoor to the shop on a cold November day. She became family almost immediately and enjoyed not only the store, but was a delight to the customers as well.

Now, you'd think that having one bookstore cat would be enough, but something else happened on a late November night in 1999 that enriched our lives and changed our little bookstore family beyond measure. That night Sue was putting out the closed sign when she noticed a big orange fluffy cat quickly headed in her direction. At first she assumed the worst, that perhaps he intended to attack or claw her. As he got near, however, he stopped and stretched his front legs as far as they would go up the side of her leg. She could see by the look in his eyes that he was asking for help. "I'm cold and hungry, can you please help me?" So Sue did the only thing that a cat lover could do. She said, "Alright, I'm going to open the front door to the store. If you want in, then come in." He took just a moment to judge the situation, then made a beeline through the door. Skippy, the bookstore cat had arrived, and he would never leave.

We had no idea where he had come from, only that upon inquiring about the neighborhood found out that everybody in proximity to the store had been feeding him through most of the summer and fall. We had even seen him sleeping once near the foundation of the house, but didn't think much of it since there were, from time to time, stray cats seen around the local properties. After checking with all our neighbors, no one knowing anything about who owned him, we decided to make him our #2 official bookstore cat.

Skippy (he got this name because we thought, perhaps, that he had hitchhiked a ride from parts unknown and was dropped off locally) quickly acclimated himself to the store. He found an excellent sleeping spot in a kitty basket under the new arrival section located directly over a heating vent. He ate himself silly, slept large and did his best to investigate every nook and cranny of ten rooms of books. He had found his sweet spot, his nirvana and we were sure he felt safe in our presence.

As winter turned to spring he showed signs of wanting to take a look at more than just the confines of the store. One day in early May, when a customer entered the store, he saw his chance and ran out the door to the check the delights of a beautiful Spring day. As he motored down the sidewalk we thought that perhaps he had regained his confidence and found it time to leave our employ. He was moving quickly, and since we couldn't leave the store with customers inside, thought that maybe he had gone to seek new adventures. But at exactly ten minutes before we close the store, at ten of five, guess who comes sauntering up the sidewalk obviously proud of a day in the sun? Skippy! He was just doing what any mature male cat would do, out patrolling the neighborhood. He knew where his food and his bed were, and he wasn't about to give those things up.

As time passed, he became a mainstay to the store and the neighborhood, including the Congregational Church two houses over. Rev. Gardiner, Pastor of the church, found Skippy strolling down the aisle of the church during services and would inform the congregants that Skippy, the bookstore cat had arrived. He spent leisurely hours with Ron & Cindy, our next door neighbors, watching a movie or football game. He even jumped into a customer's car that had its windows open on a sunny summer day and ended up half way to New York before they realized who was tagging along. Thank goodness they returned our wanderlust cat to his proper home.

Skippy kept his special acts for the customers and he especially enjoyed being petted under the chin and on his head. He often sat on the check out desk next to me while customers scratched his head and marveled at his size. The good food and fine living conditions had enabled him to put on weight and he now tipped the scales at 18 pounds. His other antics included jumping into boxes of books as if to say, "hey, check out these great reads!" Lying on the floor and exposing his big belly was another favorite pastime. He'd convince you that he wanted  to be scratched on his tummy only to playfully attack anyone who tried to do the scratching.

Skippy loved to be with Sue in our garden. We had a scarecrow called Eleanor Digby, 'who sat on a hill surrounded by dill' that Sue would dress up according to the seasons. Skippy would give Sue such a fright when he'd hide underneath Eleanor's skirt and pounce when the time was right. At other times he would stay perfectly still and end up locked inside the garden when Sue finished attending to the plants. Hours would go by until we finally figured out where he was. Then we'd see him in the garden sheepishly asking to be sprung from his foolish incarceration. There didn't seem to be anything he wouldn't do. When a neighbor's house and barn were sold, he found himself locked in the barn. I had to introduce myself to the new neighbors by asking that they come to the barn (they weren't living at the house at the time) and extricate our trespassing cat. Evidently, our new neighbor hadn't noticed Skippy entering the barn when he locked the door and left.
As the years passed Skippy was more than just a bookstore cat, he was family and a large part of our customers experience. Our regular customers would, upon entering the store immediately ask, "where's Skippy, we want to show him to our friends." He could often be found lounging on the front porch furniture taking a snooze before his patrolling duties would commence, or in the big blue chair next to the fireplace. Skip knew how to enjoy his surroundings and made the most of his time in the yard.

By 2009, we noticed something strange in Skippy's behavior. He seemed to gag when he tried to eat. he was either in pain, or had a difficult time swallowing. We took him to a veterinarian specializing in dentistry to find out that he had a severe inflammation in his throat and several very bad teeth. The doctor proceeded to remove several teeth with instructions to return in one week. Before the end of a week, however, things took a turn for the worse and we took him to another doctor as an emergency visit. This vet gave him a prednisone injection to limit the swelling, but little did we know that he was allergic to this type of medicine. He looked like he might be a goner when we took him to the emergency animal hospital in South Deerfield. Thankfully, however, he pulled through and we felt relieved that the worst might be behind him.

Skip continued on his regular jaunts about the area, sometimes straying into a nearby field. When I saw this, I would call out his name in a cadence that had become recognizable to him, and when he heard me, he'd come running to my side. SKIP-SKIP-SKIPPEEEEEE! Come home Skip. Come on home. Like a flash he'd come running, to be picked up gently to the safety of his home.

In 2010 the same throat problem appeared resulting in more teeth being removed, and in 2011 he suffered a hematoma of his left ear resulting in a misshapen ear as if he'd been in a cat fight. He may not have retained his usual good looks, but he was still our wonderful Skippy.

As in all things there comes an end, but it wasn't Skippy. It was our bookstore. A store that we had labored and loved for over fifteen years was closed on August 31, 2011, and a part of our lives that we treasured beyond description passed before our eyes. Closing the store wasn't fun, but the prospect of retirement loomed in the near future. Business had fallen off dramatically in last 2-3 years and I felt the time was right to close and move. The economy wasn't good, so we felt now was the time to move to Georgia. In 2005 we had taken a short vacation in Savannah, Georgia and fell in love with the area. In 2006 and in 2008, we even looked at houses in the hopes of finding something we liked. In the Spring of 2011 we found our perfect spot with a home in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The move took place on October 1, 2011. Now we were official Georgians and the cats seemed to accept the new house with certain reservations. We now had four cats, two that resided in the former bookstore , and two that were in our residence side of the business. Willow and Jenny, our house cats, had always gotten along. Besides they were only 3 and 4 years old respectively. But for Itty and Skippy, things were not so wonderful. Itty was intimidated by Willow, and Skippy just couldn't understand why he couldn't go outside. But Skip did what he could to make the best of the situation and tried to co-exist in his new environment.

Then it happened again. The gaging, trouble swallowing and general slowing down of an elderly cat. When we found Skippy, his age was estimated at 4-5 years. Now, that would put his age at about 17. Not young for any cat. We took him to a local vet who gave us anti-bacterial medicine to be administered twice daily. She felt it was an infection and could be controlled through medication. We hoped for the best, but he was losing weight at a dramatic pace. We returned to the vet and were given the news that all animal lovers dread to hear: cancer.

And so it was that on Monday, August 27, 2012  our wonderful bookstore cat, our beloved Skippy loosed his earthly bonds to run to a happier place. I can almost see him now far across a field, and as I call his name I see his tail lift high and his fur flying in the wind, running to my side. SKIP-SKIP-SKIPPEEEE!! Come home buddy. Come on home.

In memory of Skippy 1994?-2012