Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #7

News Flash from Washington, DC---August 6, 2009

It’s official; Judge Sonia Sotomayor has been confirmed as an Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court. Sen. Al Franken, MN, announced the confimation on the senate floor this afternoon. The final tally was 68-31 for confirmation. After the tally was announced Judge Sotomayor was reported to have exclaimed, “I can’t believe 9 white republicans would vote to confirm such a wise Latina woman. I expected 59 votes from the useful idiot democrats, but another 9 from the republicans?--hahahahahah!!”

The cash for clunkers program is expected to get another infusion of cash from congress; this time an approximate 2 billion dollars would be added to the program. Congressman Henry Waxman, CA. was so enamored with the program that he is considering asking congress for 500 billion dollars to build all new houses in California. “We can tear down all the existing housing and build new houses for everyone in the state. It would be great for the building industry and salvage firms could crush all the old houses. What a boon for the state.” The proposed plan met with some immediate resistance from the delegations from 48 states.

Many House members are pushing their constituents for passage of the ObamaCare Health plan. The Massachusetts delegation has issued a statement touting the effectiveness of the Massachusetts State law which requires all citizens to purchase health insurance. Barney Frank, spokesman for the group lauded the program and pointed out that administrative costs for the program have only quadrupled. A little known clause in the law allows for the Federal Government to take over the plan once the costs have quintupled. “We’re almost there” said Frank, “and once the Fed gets control there’s no stopping what we can do.”

Meanwhile, Congressman John Dingell of Michigan agreed that the Waxman ’cash for condos’ plan for California was a great idea. In his usual deliberate manner Dingell said, “this is a wonderful program for the people of California and Michigan. Folks there get new houses and we can take the crushed ones in Detroit. It’ll improve our neighborhoods.”

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