Monday, November 30, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #24

Politics & Religion

Want to create consternation, discomfort and downright bitterness in mixed company? Talk about politics or religion and you're sure to feel unloved, unwanted, ostracized and banned from polite society. So here it goes for all those who savor the hunt and kill of political/religious game.

I've read much of the following people and must say that I agree with a lot that they espouse. The list includes Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins and Victor Stenger. Other podcasts include the FFRF(Freedom from Religion Foundation), Atheist Experience, American Freethought and The Humanist News. Publications include Skeptical Inquirer, Free Inquiry, The Humanist, Skeptic and The National Center for Science Education. As you can guess by now, these are decidedly secular media outlets that call for a strict separation of church and state. Much of what they propose concerning the origins of life and man's station within the universe makes sense. I used to wholeheartedly accept their view of a world without religion.

Lately, however, I've come to realize an underlying current of acceptance on their part of something more sinister and damaging to our society that must be reconciled. These groups and the individuals within them all, without fail, call for more centralized, strong government as a means to better our human condition. This is where we part company. Their unabashed love affair with secular humanism has, for them, made a religion of their new found beliefs. The belief that government can solve our problems leaves me more than just a little cold, it allows me to see a basic flaw in their thinking. When has government made better the human condition? Rarely, if ever, has it done so. There are those who use it as a crutch or a lever to gain power and control over people's lives. I fear these individuals and organizations have not yet learned this fact.

Paul Kurtz, who founded the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, New York, seemed to be a reasonable and rational person with respect to improving man and his condition, but an article he wrote recently proved that, despite the many accolades that he has received from the secular humanist community, he understands very little about the proper role of government. In this article he called for the passage of a healthcare reform bill because, as he saw it, it was a basic human right. Imagine that coming from an educated individual--healthcare is a human right? No, Dr. Kurtz, no such right exists. Anything that must be legislated, or forced to be given from one person or group to another, is not a human right. Our natural rights don't come from any edicts that man may propose, but only from nature, or as the founders articulated, from nature's God. I've learned that it isn't necessary to believe in a specific God, or religion, to understand this fact. No matter what you think concerning the origins of man, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not come from our fellow men; they emanate from our common humanity.

So, for those who believe in government force to produce a desired result, I suggest you read the Constitution and understand the proper role of government. The brilliant men who designed this document knew the limitations that were imposed upon them from 'Nature's God' and accepted those limits. Your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will be seen in a whole new light.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Everyday thoughts

Anyone out there getting tired of seeing those pandering, pinheaded Democratic candidates for the seat of Senator Ted Kennedy tripping all over themselves in an attempt to be as liberal as possible? What a bunch of useless idiots! The worst candidate, by far, in my opinion, is Steve Pagliuca. Here's a guy who's a successful, self made millionaire(which I don't begrudge) who just can't seem to say enough about how's he's going to help the citizens of Massachusetts strike a blow against the vagaries of an out of control free enterprise system.

Steve loves the idea of a 'public option' and will do all he can to get it included in healthcare reform. Jeez Steve, did you really make all your money by being that brainiac that you appear to be, or did you get a lot of help from the government? Read the Constitution, Steve, and then get back to us about just where, in that document, you get the authority to pass a healthcare reform bill. Take your time, Steve. We can wait.

Then there's Martha Coakley, that scion of a consumer protection advocate. There's this little commercial her campaign has been airing lately that shows an elderly lady talking about the cost of medication. The poor woman just can't afford to pay for it all. Unless I'm mistaken, Martha, this ad is called an anecdote. Just what we need to reform the ENTIRE healthcare industry--anecdotel evidence that some older people can't afford their medications. Martha informs us that we have a special responsibility to help these folks pay their bills. I'll be skewered for this, but here it goes--THE OLD LADY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HERSELF__I'M NOT!! People make decisions every day that may adversely affect their lives. Live with it! At the very least, make common sense changes to the healthcare system, that I've written about in other blogs, that will really benefit people in being able to pay for their meds.

This brings up the frontrunner--Michael Capuano. He won't send any more troops to Afghanistan, not a single one, without a clear strategy has to how we're going to win/exit said war. Well, Mike, you'd better hope the war is over before you get to Congress because your supreme leader, his eminence, Barack Obama, just announced his new redesigned, redone way to triumph in our war in Afghanistan--30,000 more troops are heading for the hills, Mike. You might want to send him a rather stern note about this ill-advised action that he's about to take. Oh, I forgot, Mike, you're a Democrat. You're the party of'what the leader says, you agree with. So sit down and SHUT UP, MIKE! Make like a PANDER BEAR, MIKE!!

So there you have it--the future of the country ably put into the hands of one of the above democrats. God help us!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--A personal note

November 22, 2009

If you look at the above date the first thing that comes to mind is the terrible event that happened in 1963. But there are times and other events in our lives that give us joy and a feeling of love in our hearts. For me that event took place in 1974.

Thirty five years is a long time, and yet with a blink of an eye the time passes as if there were no time, only a stationary moment. On that day in 1974 we expressed our love for one another with a plan to enjoy the years in sickness and in health. We became partners, lovers and the very best of friends. I hope Skeez has enjoyed this ride as much as I have. Our love of cats and books keeps us ever renewed in the quest for a happy and meaningful life.

So my sweetheart, I offer you this--

From the very beginning I knew you were special,
Your kindness, strength and beauty true.
I couldn't dream of more than you give me,
To say only with real emotion, I love you.

Happy Anniversary to my Skeezer, my Sheaski, my Skeez--
Grow old with me, for the best it yet to come.

Pete & Sue November 22, 1974

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #23

News flash from Washington, DC November 21, 2009

Now that the government healthcare bill is nearing completion with a vote due in the Senate, the URDEAD committee(see issue #1) has proposed the following guidelines with respect to medical tests and procedures that all doctors and medical institutions must implement when the bill is finally approved.

Breast Cancer screenings(mammograms)--once every ten years starting at age 75 for all women. None for men unless a transgender situation applies.

Pap smears for cervical cancer--once every five years starting at age 65 for all women. None for men unless transgender situation applies.

Lung Cancer due to smoking--pain medication only unless screaming due to pain becomes too loud. In that case euthanasia is recommended.

Prostate screening for men--once every ten years starting at the age of 70. More often if the prostate becomes the size of a grapefruit. Pain medication at that point with euthanasia recommended if the patient cannot walk.

Diabetes testing--once every 20 years starting at the age of 50 unless patient weighs more than 400 pounds in which case bread and water diet is recommended until the patient reaches the desirable weight of 65 pounds or less--at that point, euthanasia.

Regular medical checkup--twice starting at the age of 40 with two optional checkups possible. The third checkup must be performed as an autopsy.

Heart disease--anyone suffering a heart attack will receive medical attention only if they survive at least two days from the initial attack. All others will receive their $255 Social Security death benefit.

Stroke--medical attention will be provided only after a three hour time period after which the patient will receive botox injections and one free face lift. Additional face lifts will be billed at the normal rate, but will include the 40% tax rate as indicated in the health bill as a Cadillac procedure.

Walkers, wheelchairs, canes, pacemakers and other items will be provided only long enough for the patient to walk, or ride, to a euthanasia procedure.

The Congress has, of course, exempted itself from these guidelines. Also exempted are the following unions--SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSME, NEA and all AARP Board members. Additional
exempted groups are ACORN, MOVEON.ORG employees and anyone who will sign a statement promising to vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

In a letter recently printed in several national newspapers, Nancy Pelosi has reiterated the strong support that she and other key members of Congress, as well as the administration, have towards providing excellent healthcare for the American people. She indicated that these guidelines will help Congress control spiraling healthcare costs so that money may be spent more wisely concerning any future legislation that may be required to keep America strong, prosperous and free on the international stage.

This news clip provided by the Pete Morin News Service

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--editorial #19

The Perfect Political Storm

Mark Levin made reference to a political strategy on his show on Novemeber 19, 2009 that I had never heard of before. It's known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The basic thesis behind this strategy, first articulated by Cloward & Pivin in 1966, was to overload the US Government with entitlement programs thus causing the collapse of the economic system. The ultimate result would be replacing the capitalistic, free enterprise system with a Marxist system that guaranteed national income for all citizens. The American Thinker published an article by Nancy Coppock in february that does an excellent job in spelling out the strategy.

Is this clever strategy being used today by the Obama administration? If you look at the explosion of federal programs put forth you would have to take pause at this possibility. We currently have unsustainable growth in the deficit with two very expensive entitlement programs about to be passed through Congress. Our projected debt by the year 2020 will be approximately $24.5 trillion. This CBO estimate is almost surely conservative. The final figure could easily be $30 trillion. Can all this debt possibly be paid, or will the system collapse? As I've written in previous articles, I see bankruptcy and collapse as inevitable.

Could Obama, therefore, have a strategy in mind similar to Cloward-Pivin that will allow his radical elements within the administration to completely remake society along the Marxist model; a command economy with a head of state that holds Marxist views? I believe that could be a very real possibility. I've stated before that the current focus on spending by Obama does not follow any rational hypothesis; that it is an insane policy that cannot be sustainable. I don't believe, therefore, that Obama is insane; quite the contrary. His machinations are well orchestrated to produce exactly the results he desires. The only question is what position Obama will hold in the rebuilt state. The only logical answer would be a dictator, or supreme head of state in full control of the economy and society. One need only look at his radical associations with several czars that he has appointed as well as those characters he associated with prior to being elected President.

This is a very dangerous individual. So dangerous, in fact, that our Republic, our Constitution and our traditional way of life could soon be gone. I'm not sure what path we can follow to change this hideous road we're on, but we must not go down without letting members of Congress know that we won't stand idly by while a Marxist ruins our nation. There have to be some Democrats who are dismayed and sickened by the actions of this rogue administration. We must press the issue with any and all elected officials who can judge for themselves the danger we face. If we can find no one, however, then we are surely doomed.

We have arrived at the point of a perfect political storm. The election of Barack Obama would not have been possible without a Republican Party having been severly weakened by an unpopular president waging,what seemed to be, unpopular wars and a penchant for spending at a rather liberal clip. The 'hope and change' promised by the neophyte Senator from Illinois seemed a reasonable quality for the people to rely on. Being that Obama was black reinforced the aspirations of the left to attain power. The ideal candidate to bring equality of results to the American landscape was born. Academic elites, slip and fall trial lawyers and general far left miscreants could now aspire to power not dreamed of by any other generation. The failures of the socialists and marxists from the twenties through the sixties would be vindicated.

What will the far left do to finish off the Constitution as a document to carry weight with the populace? The 'necessary & proper' clause will be invoked and a prostrate people will acquiesce to the knowledge of the elites with hardly a wimper. By 2020 the perfect political storm will have raged for several years and a grateful populace will gladly render to those in power the ability to make life bearable. A new age will begin; an age of equality, liberty and fraternity. Long live the second American revolution!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--editorial #18

These are, indeed, depressing times. Charles Dickens articulated in his writing that the period of the French Revolution was 'the best of times, the worst of times'. We definitely are living in the worst of times.

Take a look at the leadership we have in Washington, DC and if you're not frightened by what's going on then you're a died in the wool liberal. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, John Dingell, Henry Waxman have to be the dumbest, most ideological, most brain dead politicians that have ever occupied their respective positions.

Let's start at the top--
1) Barack Obama: Would anyone dare dispute the idea that this individual was elected because he knows how to present himself well? The 'Hope and Change' candidate is everything that he promised. He's going to remake our society into a more equitable country; a little income redistribution is all it takes and, voila, we're so much better than that despicable nation we used to be. Obama is nothing but a demogogue; a statist and very close to a marxist. His ridiculous programs for spending will do nothing but bankrupt this nation. The only possible way out will be to inflate the currency and that's exactly what's going to happen in less than two years. Look for high rates of inflation to hit around 2011. Big spending government LOVES inflation as it gets to pay its' debt with cheap money. Consumers, alas, get the shaft. You've been forwarned--plan accordingly.

2)Nancy Pelosi: Does this brain dead Speaker have a clue that we have a Constitution and that it enumerates the powers of the legislative branch? Apparently not since she can only respond to a question about her authority to pass healthcare legislation with 'are you serious'? This is what is known as leadership. Boy, are we in trouble!

3)Harry Reid: see #2. A brain dead lump of crap that knows NOTHING about healthcare, the economy and, apparently, anything else. He used to be an amateur fighter. Maybe he had his bell rung just one too many times--ya think?

4)Steny Hoyer: In case you didn't know it, he's the House Majority Leader. It's important to understand that Mr. Hoyer takes all his commands from #2 and thinks the Constitution is his personal plaything from which he'll spread the goodies to all his little liberal, pinheaded colleagues.

5) Dingell and Waxman: Just a couple of useful idiots. Neither one has spent more than 30 seconds in the private sector, but what the hell, they know what's best for the rest of us and they're going to make sure that we live according to their rules. Not only will our electrical usage go down, but our electrical rates will go UP! Cap & Trade should really be called 'Tax & Trade'.

When these people are done passing their favorite pieces of legislation the United States of America will look very different. The under-achievers will have control and the rest of us will be stuck with the bill. All I can say is--plan accordingly. Our posterity will be placed on their posterior.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--editorial #17

The following article was published in The American Thinker on November 14, 2009

The Fruits of Labor

Sometime ago I went to a local mall to buy a phone. After making a purchase at one of the large electronic retailers, I went to the mall restroom and inadvertently left it behind. Ten minutes later I realized I no longer had the phone, so I rushed back only to find it gone. I checked in with the customer service counter at the mall to see if a Good Samaritan had turned it in. Unfortunately, no one had done so and I left my number in case anyone should turn it in. Needless to say, no call was forthcoming and the phone was never seen again.

When this person discovered the phone did they think that this was new found treasure? Did they not think that this belonged to someone who forgot to take it with them rather than something that could be considered as self- enrichment, and could be treated as a gift? That phone cost me about five hours of my productive labor. Of course, this notion never entered the mind of the individual making off with my phone. Notice I use the term ‘my phone’ since it certainly wasn’t his/hers and must be put in the proper context as nothing better than theft.

Why do I bring this up today? What relevance does this small act have to do with anything? Just this - we now have a government that considers it public policy to take from those who are productive and give to those whom they believe are less productive or unproductive. Although this is nothing new with respect to politics, it is more blatant than has been exhibited at any other time in our history. The House of Representatives has recently passed two very controversial pieces of legislation that will dramatically affect wealth redistribution in our nation. We have a President that believes that income redistribution should be the norm in our culture and this ‘redistribution’ will make a more equitable society. A person’s productive efforts mean little or nothing to those in high office. They don’t question the work that was performed that enables them to make this transfer. Apparently, economic justice reigns supreme over the productive efforts of a citizen to provide for himself and his family. When asked under what authority the Congress had to pass such legislation, the Speaker of the House could only respond with “Are you serious?” Yes, Madame Speaker, I am serious, very serious. What kind of government will confiscate someone’s property and give it to another under the guise of economic justice?

Those on the left will say that I’m without ‘compassion’ for those who are less fortunate; that it is my duty to help provide for those who have less. This makes sense only until we recognize that there is no end to the confiscation that can be perpetrated on one’s private property with this argument. The Constitution stated very specific enumerated powers granted to the Federal Government. To increase those powers it would be necessary to get the consent of the governed through an amendment process. The Legislature today circumvents these powers with impunity. Evidently, the idea that private property is no longer sacrosanct appeals to many on the far left. Understand that when government is through looting corporations and large and small businesses, then the common citizen will be next. The people who wrote our Constitution understood this. That’s why they placed limits on its power; in effect these were limits on its appetite to confiscate property. They knew that without limitations government would consume beyond its means, effectively destroying the freedom and liberty that are the peoples’ natural rights.

This brings us to recent healthcare and cap & trade initiatives. Make no mistake, these legislative acts are nothing but redistributive programs designed to hamper the sovereignty of the electorate in a free market system and enhance the power of the state. Eventually, not just we, but our posterity, will pay dearly for this runaway government. Let’s not dwell too long on our future prospects, but enjoy while we can the fruits of other peoples’ labor.