Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #44

A first in recorded world history

Well folks, the United States Government has done it. Never before in recorded history has a nation or government been able to achieve what the US Government has done today. Never before has a people strove so confidently into the new era of enlightenment and truth as has our brilliant leadership managed to do on this momentous day. Folks, our government has repealed the basic economic law of 'supply and demand'. Yes, dear readers, our wonderful leaders have discovered a way to add 30 million people to the health insurance roles, cut 500 billion from Medicare, stop insurance companies from not accepting people with pre-existing conditions, enforcing community rating and guaranteed issue and done a whole of other beneficial things to ensure our good health WITHOUT increasing the number of doctors, nurses, hospitals and other care givers. This is truly an amazing accomplishment by our trusted leaders!

Now, you may ask--what does the law of supply and demand have to do with healthcare. Isn't it important that all people have access to affordable care and shouldn't government be charged with making sure this happens? The law of supply and demand is relatively simple in its basic construct. An increase in demand with no increase in supply will make a product more expensive. An increase in supply with no increase in demand makes a product less expensive. Thus--more people seeking healthcare--same(or less, possibly) number of doctors and other care givers--gives us INCREASED costs for healthcare! Understand? But don't worry. Your brilliant leaders have everything figured out. They have Dr. Ezikiel Emanuel on your side and he's going to set up his control board to decide who gets care. The little old lady who needs a hip replacement? sorry granny, it's going to the 50 year old instead. Hey old man with cancer--need chemo treatment? sorry pops, it's going to the 20 year old instead. Think I'm being facetious? Think again folks. The law of supply and demand will still be in force. Healthcare may now be a right, but access will not be greater; supply will still be the same, or perhaps smaller.

Those of you who think I'm simply ranting or yelling at the moon--tell me in another five years if what I say doesn't come true. Tell me your health insurance costs have gone down, or, at least, remained the same. No folks, the law of supply and demand will exact its pound of flesh, or perhaps several pounds of flesh. Call me what you will, but we've just sold our soul to the devil and the devil NEVER keeps his promises. Bart Stupak will learn this the hard way when our esteemed leader reneges on his Executive Order banning federal money for abortions in this monstrosity of a bill.

But lets not quibble. Let's drink to the health of America and our enlightened leaders who've repealed the law of supply and demand. TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH!!