Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #14

News flash from Washington, DC, August 18, 2009

The Federal Government has ordered 195 million doses of swine flu vaccine from companies around the world, hoping that 120 million doses would be ready by October 15, 2009. Dr. Robin Robinson of HHS has reported that only 45 million doses would be available by that date. The doctor assures the public that the doses will eventually be obtained in time, perhaps by about 20 million per week. “As we’ve said all along, if things can go wrong, they will”, quoted Dr. Robinson. The doctor also assured the public that HHS will be ready to take over the Healthcare industry within one week of the passage of a Healthcare bill.

Reports coming out of Washington today indicate that the Democrats are considering forcing a Healthcare bill through Congress without any Republican support. Reconciliation, also known as 'the nuclear option', would become a real possibility to get a partisan bill passed. The democrats are also considering locking the republicans out of the Congressional chambers, changing the names of any naval vessel that has a republican politician’s name and removing all Republican Presidential portraits from the White House.

Massachusetts has recently seen a 90 degree plus heat wave, but 21 Boston swimming pools remained closed to the youth of the inner city. Governor Deval Patrick, has refused to reopen the pools leaving kids with little else to do on the sweltering August days. Apparently, there’s a shortage of lifeguards and chlorine, but this didn’t change the Governor’s mind since his approval ratings can’t possibly get any lower. ‘Yes, we can’, obviously is ‘no I won’t.’

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that small firms with fewer than five employees are responsible for almost 15 % of job losses in the fourth quarter of 2008. In response to this development President Obama is rolling out a new stimulus program in the amount of 25 trillion dollars for these firms. The program is to be called ‘Cash for TV’s, furniture, bookstores, lawnmowers, roofers, drywallers, painters, video stores, restaurants and approximately 7452 other businesses; and, of course, lawyers ’. For law firms with more than five employees the stimulus will be an additional 10 trillion. When asked how the stimulus would be paid for the President said, “a 10% tax increase will be levied on all small firms that have more than five employees, but less than ten.

This news clip provided by the Pete Morin News Service

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