Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #54

Dependence Day

July 4Th is just around the corner and we can all go out and enjoy the festivities. Yes folks, we can celebrate Dependence Day.

If anyone, with even half a brain, believes that we are independent and free of government tyranny, then please ask yourselves the following:

1) Can I purchase my own health insurance without Federal and State mandates?

2) Can I ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

3) Can I use a cellphone in a car?

4) Do I have to pay into the Social Security Fund?

5) Do I have to sign up for Medicare at age 65?

6) Do I have to pay a 3.9% sales tax on my home when I sell it?

7) Do I have to pay a 20% Capital Gains tax on the sale of stock?

8) Do I have to use the new compact fluorescent light bulbs after 2014?

9) Do the toilets in my house have to be the 1.6 gallon water saver version?

10) Do I have to have the Federal Government confiscate between 15-39.6% of my income every year?

11) Do I have to pay an 'exit tax' to the Federal Government if I wish to renounce my citizenship?

12) Do I have to contemplate the these additional issues--
a) a government VAT tax
b) government confiscation of my retirement account, either IRA or 401k
c) increased energy tax costs through 'cap & trade'(a.k.a the 'Waxman, Markey bill)
d) what kind of car I can drive(if government can tell you that you MUST have health insurance, why not tell me that I MUST own a government approved vehicle)
e) will I incur the government's wrath by questioning their taking over the following--
all financial institutions
automobile companies
energy production
college tuition costs
telling me what foods are acceptable to eat ( it's done at the state level, why not at the Federal level)

I'm sure there's much more I could list, but time and space make it impossible to finish. Understand, we fought a revolutionary war against the British over the Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Navigation Acts and a little thing called 'tea.' The combination of these acts doesn't come close to what our own government is doing to its' citizens today and yet we acquiesce. Why? Because over 50% of the population is DEPENDENT on the Federal government for their daily survival. We're done, folks. Stick a fork in us. We are now a nation of wimps, whiners and cry babies.

Ain't socialism great? (but don't tell the government I said the above. Freedom of speech is on their list)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #52

Words to live by

Here are some words that everyone should instantly recognize and then file under 'A load of crap'.

FREE-- "That's right ladies and gentlemen, this scooter chair is absolutely free. There's no cost to you even if Medicare doesn't authorize you to have one." (Translation-are we supposed to believe that the supplier, manufacturer, laborer and dealer did it all for nothing?)

SERVICE-- "Our service department will take care of that for you", or, just think of the "Internal Revenue Service." (Translation- if you really think there's such a thing, you indeed will be serviced, right up the you know what!)

AFFORDABLE-- This one's a real beauty. "We've got to get affordable____ for people who can't get it." Anytime you hear this line of bull, think of your wallet getting a little lighter so someone else can enjoy their new, affordable____

DESERVE--Probably the best of all words. "We'll get you the money you deserve." (Translation-the 40% fee will be sent to our POB in the Cayman Islands).

If there's any words, or terms, that you'd like to add, email me at . This is a FREE SERVICE AFFORDABLE to all who DESERVE it!

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #51

Recession Redux

Got a very interesting piece of mail a few days ago. It was from my heating oil supplier. The prepaid contract they were offering listed fuel oil at $2.60/gallon, but was only good until February 15, 2011. What are they trying to tell me, other than the obvious that they won't have oil available at that price beyond February 15. Here's what I think they're saying and everyone, regardless whether you heat with oil or not, should be very concerned.

Early next year the economy could start to get extremely shaky; by this I mean not just a new recession, but something much worse. We could be looking at inflation like we haven't seen in thirty years. Our wise and wonderful government--and I don't mean just the fools in the current administration--has set the stage for a currency debasement that will cause the cost of everything to skyrocket. This is what's at the heart of the fuel oil people telling me that they probably can't supply oil at a reasonable price beyond the middle of winter. In fact, some investment guru's expect the price of a barrel of oil to go well beyond $100. Think this isn't possible? Watch the stock market closely this fall because it's usually leads the economy by six months.

Sooner or later the predatory beast that is our Federal Government will devour everything; not just our liberty and freedom, but all that we own. The socialist fools and their liberal sycophants will, if given a chance, make us all dependent to them for our very existence. If, on the other hand, you like BIG GOVERNMENT, you'll have a fine old time wearing several layers of clothing this winter. Why, you'll show those big, bad oil companies you're not going to be intimidated. If you're really lucky maybe the Feds will nationalize oil.

Happy days are here again!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #49

A life changing experience

Many things happen in a person's lifetime that add little or nothing to the mundane activities of daily life, but every so often, or perhaps rarely, an event comes along that has a profound effect on how one examines his/her place on this place called 'earth'.

As with most people, I've had my share of mundane experiences that can readily come to mind, but are not to be considered anything more than ordinary.

As an example, when I was five years old, I remember cowering in my bed under all the blankets as an electrical storm raged outside my house. When you're a child you make up all kinds of scary circumstances that whirl around in a juvenile brain. As the storm was raging, I decided that I would count down from three and when I hit zero a tremendous bang would envelope the entire house. Three-two-one----ZERO-----BANG!!!! I jumped from my bed and headed like a shot to my parents room and quickly burrowed my way deep into the safety of their presence. The bang was a bolt of lightning that hit a giant tree and entered the house in the living room. My father rushed downstairs and had to extinguish the smoldering curtains and completely destroyed radio in the corner of the room. To this day my wife can't understand why I retreat to the basement when an electrical storm passes overhead.

Also when I was five my tonsils were removed. I can still remember being strapped to a gurney so tight that I was unable to move a single muscle. As the mask containing ether (the standard method of anesthesia for that time) was placed over my mouth the nurse asked me to start counting down from ten. Needless to say, I don't remember getting past eight, but afterwards when my parents came to visit I thought it was great that ice cream was available in copious amounts whenever I wanted it. The only negative part--besides the operation--was having to sleep in a large room with, what must have been, a dozen screaming little kids. Strange how you can remember in such vivid detail an occurrence that happened almost sixty years ago.

Deaths to loved ones can be very difficult, but it certainly isn't unexpected. The passing of a mother, father, brother or sister can be devastating yet we figure out how to overcome such trials. At my mother's wake my older brother Art gave out ersatz engagement rings to any unsuspecting women close enough to be engaged with his charm and beguile. Perhaps this was his way of getting beyond his sorrow. Art had already exhibited his grief at the private family showing of my mom's casket. I can still see him calling her name softly as if had wished he could have seen her one last time.

Personally, what I consider to be my authentic life changing experience came when I was in my third day of training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in May, 1968. As I sat between bunks stenciling my name on my naval issue cloths, I started to feel a loneliness and an urge to cry. Suddenly, from deep within me, a voice told me to shape up and grow up. It was time for me to leave youth behind; I was a man now and should act like one. The voice gave me the strength to face the next four years and all the years after; for I was now, most definitely, a man. Nothing as compelling has changed my life since that moment of reflection on the floor in a far away barracks.

We all should have life changing experiences, so let me hear yours. Right a comment on what you think you're most compelling moment was. It may help you recognize your own growth to adulthood.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #48

Hypocrisy in Beantown

There was an article in the Boston Herald Business section today featuring a speech given by US Rep. Ed Markey and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that has to highlighted for its sheer hypocrisy.

Both House Reps were in Watertown, MA at an event to promote clean energy technology, but both energy geniuses had to get their digs in against BP. Let me quote just one line from Rep. Markey and you tell me if this doesn't smack of pure BS. "It's the responsibility of the government, however, to make sure that BP's equipment, technology and expertise are used in a way that protects the safety of the ocean, of the shores and of the taxpayers of the United States."

Now let me be clear. BP is responsible for whatever went wrong with this particular operation, but isn't it the US Government, with its regulatory agencies, supposed to make sure that drilling operations are conducted in a safe manner? Doesn't the US Government issue leases to drill offshore with the proviso the companies follow all the guidelines and regulations concerning such drilling? Or is it possible that the left hand of government doesn't know what the right hand is doing since the maze of regulations make it impossible to fathom what's acceptable and what isn't?

The big Lebowski, however, is Rep. Markey's concern for the US taxpayer. What chutzpah! What arrogance! What downright hubris coming from a group of lawmakers that have taxed and spent this society into a mountain of debt. Unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare alone are approaching $100 TRILLION dollars. That's TRILLION!!! Our national debt is now $13 TRILLION dollars which equals approximately 85% of our GDP(Gross Domestic Product). Long term prospects for debt levels are even greater with the passage of ObamaCare, and don't even think about what Cap & Tax will do to the economy.

These liberal politicians are utterly shameless, pathetic, spineless minions who have to be removed and replaced with leaders that have a backbone in order to right the ship of state. This must commence in November, or the future of this great country will be one of fast decline where our descendants will see their standard of living reduced significantly from previous generations.

Wake up America--and this includes you big government liberals. It's been said many times and needs to be repeated here; Any government powerful enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you own!