Monday, August 10, 2009

Pete Morin News Service--Issue #9

News flash from Washington, DC--August 10, 2009

The healthcare debate continues to be contentious as the President has exhorted his supporters to get out and show support for his healthcare reform bill. “Make certain your members of Congress know you’re counting on them to act” appeared on a page dedicated to “Organizing for Health Care” on the official Obama website. In the mean time Nancy Pelosi continued to label those opposed to the Obama plan as ’Nazis’ and Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Press Secretary, referred to opponents as the “Brooks Brothers Brigade”.

The healthcare URDEAD committee has appointed a new member to replace David Letterman. Al Franken, Senator from Minnesota, will be the new member of the committee. On hearing that he was appointed Senator Franken was overjoyed to hear that he would be able to practice his primary craft once again. “I’m very happy to have been appointed to this committee and I’ll do everything possible to lighten things up for URDEAD. My Judiciary responsibilities were fine, but it didn’t give me much satisfaction since the Sotomayor hearings were boring. I mean, REALLY BORRRRING.”

Peter Singer has agreed to remain on the committee even without PETA representation. Informed sources indicate that Prof. Singer was satisfied with being the new chairman of the ‘Advance Care Planning Consultation’ board for the new healthcare plan. The board will be responsible for discussing and evaluating end of life questions with practitioners and patients. According to the healthcare plan, anyone 65 years or older, must consult with the evaluating board once every five years. Prof. Singer is clearing his schedule to talk with all individuals who will be affected by the board’s decisions.

The temperature in New York City has hit 90 degrees for the first time since April. This had led opponents of cap and trade legislation to propose different legislation for the apparent lack of warming in the atmosphere. “The atmosphere has been cooling since 1998” said Bjorn Lomborg, noted Swedish environmentalist, “and we need to stop this cooling before we all freeze to death”. A new organization called ‘Cash To Get Cooler’ will be implemented to help cool the earth. No word yet as to whether President Obama will be involved in the program.

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