Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Editorial #3 (The Real Word)

News flash from Washington, DC, August 18, 2009

Let’s see if I’ve got this correct. Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA), said today that we need a public option to keep the insurance companies honest. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said today that we need a public option to keep the insurance companies honest. Have these people NO SHAME? Federal and State mandates on Insurance companies currently number over 2100. Where is the outrage over government involvement in the private sector? Where is the honesty in our elected officials concerning this little reported fact. Mandates affect the cost of insurance. Mandates FORCE all of us to pay more for our premiums than is necessary. Evidently, you’ll never hear that from liberals on Capitol Hill.

The time has come for people to realize that this government is destructive to our health and security. It’s time for concerned citizens to rise up and demand that our elected officials be honest. They shamelessly present themselves as being the defenders of the peoples safety and security when, in actuality, they are nothing but liars and con artists. They need to be thrown out on their ears before the damage done to our nation is irreparable.

We can start by letting our esteemed representatives know that we have the facts about their little con game. Let them know we’re tired of their lies and distortions. Let them know that, come November 2010, we’ll be out in force to give them the boot. The Constitution has suffered enough from these purveyors of misinformation. If they think they’ve seen anger from the recent healthcare debates, they ain’t seen nothing yet!

This news clip provided by the Pete Morin News Service

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