Friday, December 25, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #31

A Merry Christmas to one and all!

Tis the season for giving and receiving, but even more important is understanding how we arrived at being a prosperous, freedom loving people. The American people have always been generous with their time and money with respect to helping others who are less fortunate. On any Thanksgiving and Christmas you'll find people volunteering at homeless shelters or soup kitchens to try and give a little aid and comfort to the afflicted. You'll also find Americans in far flung corners of the globe trying to bring freedom and a sense of normalcy to people afflicted with war and starvation. America has always stood up for freedom, democracy and peace and, hopefully, will continue to do so. All these things we do, not for recognition from our global neighbors, or for some enrichment at the expense of others, but because it's the moral, correct thing to do.

That being said, we face a troubled future, not just in the global community, but at home as well. Our country faces a future with a growing mountain of debt that may swamp future generations and their attempts to provide a well being for their posterity. We face a future where freedom and individual choice will be hampered by over-reaching politicians who care more about control and power than they do about the rule of law. The United States Constitution is under assault as never before from those who think they know better about your health and livelihood. Hopefully, in the coming year we can regain some measure of control of our own resources and a return to being more responsible for our own lives. We need to keep reminding ourselves that the many generations that preceded ours didn't give up, or in, to a troubled time, but recognized their duty to pass freedom on to those who would follow.

So let us, in whatever way we can, give thanks and our best effort to promoting the ideas of freedom, kindness and generosity to all those who wish us well or ill. We are Americans. We have a legacy unmatched in the history of mankind. We will never give in, nor will we ever give up.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #30

Cup of coffee and a morning paper

Nothing starts my day better, or gives me more enjoyment, than a cup of coffee and a morning newspaper. I realize this is probably going to be an anachronistic activity (oxymoronic in the sense of expending calories) in the very near future. People no longer read newspapers at the level they used to just a few short years ago. News is now supplied via internet, tweets and by other mobile connection. A pity, since there's so much to marvel at with the stupendous inanity that exists in today's world.

Take for instance our current Democratic leadership both in Massachusetts and Washington. John Kerry, that esteemed leader of numerous purple hearts, has declared that Massachusetts will benefit greatly from the largesse of the recently passed healthcare legislation. The $500 million the state will receive over the next three years will help stabilize our Medicaid program. Martha Coakley, erstwhile Senator-to-be, calls the legislation acceptable for now, but it's only a beginning. Does anyone see the idiocy of these statements and the damage that will be done to our economy (not to mention our freedom) from these ill advised programs? Where does all the money come from to fund these leviathans; what human capital and treasure must be expended to better our fortunes as claimed by their adherents? The answer lies in the question. People must provide their productive effort, their livelihood, a portion of their income to an ever increasing demand of the Federal trough.

Money comes from the printing press, or it comes from increased productivity. Do our leaders understand this basic notion? I think not. They live in a world unfazed by work, sweat or labor that has any connection with reality. They see only the benefit of a constituency appeased of its desire for idle time. A nation cannot long remain free, prosperous and strong on such a path. I fear our path has now been set and it's not one where a posterity will look kindly on. With one sixth of our economy now securely in the hands of the bureaucrats, our socialist ties have now bound us to a bleak future. Think otherwise if you wish, but I see no bright future as the Democrats preen with delight over their newly won triumph.

In any event, I shall continue to enjoy my morning coffee and paper. They provide sustenance to a grieving soul.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #29

Now that Senator Ben Nelson has capitulated and given his vote for the healthcare reform bill, it's time to take stock of where we stand as a free people living, in what we thought was, a constitutional republic.

The United States Government now controls the domestic automobile industry (with the exception of Ford), the banking industry and soon the healthcare industry. As citizens we must ask ourselves what special knowledge the government has in running the operations of these industries. What knowledge do bureaucrats have with respect to profit and loss, expenses, advertising and financial acumen that will enable them to better manage these vital services.

A little investigation, or perhaps, introspection, regarding these special attributes is in order.

1) Social Security: Since 1937 the Federal Government has concerned itself with pension security for the aged. The Social Security program so familiar to all of us today was called the FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). It was sold to the general populace as a pension program, but when its legality was questioned and came before the US Supreme Court, Roosevelt's Solicitor General was smart enough to call it simply a tax. You see, nowhere in the Constitution did the government have the authority to enact a pension program that was mandatory for the general public. As a tax, however, it fell within the purview of the 16th amendment and was acceptable as a transfer tax. Today many people believe the government has set aside a trust fund just for them to be paid out beginning between the ages of 62 and 70. The unfunded liability for the the FICA today is approximately $17.5 trillion dollars.

2) Medicare: Since 1966 the Federal Government has concerned itself with providing healthcare coverage for all citizens beginning at the age of 65. Originally, there was a debate concerning the income requirements that made one eligible for the program. Some members of Congress wanted to resrict availability to the indigent poor. This concern was eventually overcome to include all those 65 or older. The Medicare program is divided into several parts; part A, for hospitalization, part B for Outpatient services and part D for medications. Today, Medicare, all parts include, has an unfunded liability of approximately $89.3 trillion dollars.

3) Federal benifits and Pension Programs for government employees: Today, more than 20% of all government empolyees receive remuneration exceeding $100,000 dollars. This does not include pension programs, sick time, holidays and other miscellaneous paid leave or time off. Spending for the Federal budget for the fiscal year 2010 alone has increased 10%.

All of these programs were passed with good intentions and meant to insure a public against the vissitudes of an uncertain future. The result has been a debt that will be passed to our children and our children's children as far into the future as one can see. It can be said without exaggeration that, with the passing of a health reform bill, we will all be working for the government very soon. Our finances, our health our mode of transportation will be decided for us and bankruptcy is a very real possibility. In the hands of bureaucrats we now place our lives and future.

If there are any left who can understand the enormity of our predicament, I would hope they let themselves be heard before those who would be our masters have lost the ability to hear our voices. Today, truly, we are headed for a soft tyranny, but history tells us that tyranny, left unchecked, will lead to all liberties lost. This is a poor legacy indeed to leave our posterity.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #28

News flash from Washington, DC December 17, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service has reported the Senate will vote for closure on the proposed healthcare legislation but, apparently, the vote has been held up by Senator Ben Nelson D-NE, who is now asking for more definitive language concerning abortion funding within the bill. PMNS has learned, however, that the real reason that Nelson is not supporting the bill is due to the fact that wheat farmers from Nebraska are extremely irritated that they are not being considered adequately in the bill. Word has it they are demanding all wheat harvests for the next 10 years must be purchased by the Federal Government and that third generation farmers must be given a new Government Motors car before they will agree to vote for Senator Nelson in 2010. The administration is looking into this request with the hope they can persuade Nelson to sign on to the bill.

Meanwhile, there are rumblings coming from other Democratic senators that they have not been promised enough earmarks in their districts. Senator Webb, D-VA, wants assurances that Virginia residents, who are registered Democrats, will be exempt from the pending healthcare legislation until the year 2080. Senator Lincoln, D-AR, is getting heat from Tyson Chicken for not including them in any prospective earmark. Senator Franken, D-MN, wants all stand up comics to be exempt from the pending legislation until Saturday Night Live is cancelled and Senator Schumer, D-NY, wants to have the 9/11 memorial finished before the legislation is finalized.

No word, as of yet, what Senator Burris, D-IL is asking for, but it is believed that he will be asking for the title of 'Burris-King of Lincoln' be placed on all Illinois license plates.

More interesting news to follow.

This has been a newsclip from the Pete Morin News Service

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pete Morin news Service--Issue #27

News flash from Washington, DC--December 15, 2009

The big news from Washington will be revealed wednesday morning by Senator Harry Reid that the Senate has reached an agreement on a comprehensive healthcare bill. Final passage of the bill will be formalized on a vote taken in the afternoon when 60 Democrat and Independent Senators vote yes on the proposed legislation. PMNS has learned that three key senators have agreed to vote for the bill. The three Senators and what they will receive for voting for the bill are as follows:

1) Blanche Lincoln, D-AR; The state of Arkansas will receive $100 million towards the building of the 'Blanche Lincoln Freedom and Prosperity Library'. Each individual currently unemployed in the state will receive an additional 416 weeks of unemployment benefits and will not be subject to the new healthcare legislation.

2) Ben Nelson, D-NE; All corn farmers in Nebraska will be given $25 million to go towards their childrens college education. If a child does not qualify to go to college, then the allowance will go towards the funding of the childs pig farm. All pork products sold will be offered at 50% about market value. An additional $101 million will go to the 'Benjamin Nelson Annual Pig Roast' to attract only the very best live entertainment during the two week fair. Anyone signing up to work the pig roast will not be subject to the new healthcare legislation.

3) Joseph Lieberman, I-CT; All Connecticut highways will be completely repaved and all toll booths will be removed for 5 years. Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods casinos will be exempt from state and federal taxes and their employess will not be subject to the new healthcare legislation. An additional $102 million will go to the 'Joseph Lieberman handshake for Peace' campaign.

These compromises, along with several other previously agreed to compromises, will bring the healthcare legislation to a speedy conclusion. The House of Representatives has voiced its approval when Congressman John Dingell said, in his usual deliberate manner, "this is great news for the American people who can finally look to their government to provide for them a fair, just and reasonable insurance coverage and healthcare." Dingell also intimated that an additional $103 billion for Government Motors & Chrysler wouldn't hurt. Additionally, all unemployed auto workers will get 25 years of unemployment benefits.(They will also NOT be subject to the new healthcare legislation)

Soon, Americans can sing that long forgotten tune first sung out during the dark days of the great depression--Happy days are here again!!!

This newsclip provided by the Pete Morin News Service

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #26

The Environmental Protection Agency has warned Congress that, should they not pass a 'cap & trade' bill, they will implement tight restrictions on CO2 emissions allowed throughout the nation.

The Obama administration has found a way to reduce unemployment and enforce the EPA edict in one swoop. All unemployed individuals currently drawing benefits must register with the EPA. They will then be sent out in the community to monitor each household for compliance with a reduction in CO2 emisions. The administration estimates that one person can monitor approximately 20 households.

The following restrictions will take effect immediately. Monitors will report all infractions to the new 'Freedom Through Conservation Committee".

1) Dishwashing will only be allowed between the hours of 6 & 7 PM. Only 1.375 gallons of water can be used in the process of cleaning the dishes.

2) Toilets can only be flushed between the hours of 6 & 6:35 AM, and 12 & 12:55 PM and 8 & 9:30 PM. Any flushing at other than approved hours will cause the families' allotment of toilet paper to be reduced to 2 rolls/week, or 1 one sheet/use (aka the Sheryl Crow rule)

3) Car washing is strictly prohibited except by government approved washing centers.

4) All heating levels will be restricted to 62.875 degrees maximum in the winter and A/C levels will be restricted to 85.625 minimum in summer.

5) All lighting in the house must be restricted to the hours of 5-9:55 PM. Candles can be purchased at approved government candle centers should additional lighting be required.

6) All gasoline powered automoblies must be turned in to a government reclamation center to be either converted to electric/hydrogen powered use or be scrapped.

7) All government employees, including members of Congress and their staff will be exempt from these restrictions.

The EPA is concerned about the future of our planet and will take all necessary action to insure that citizens comply with the above rules. If an individual, or individuals, are found not be compliant wilth these restrictions ,on more than three occasions, will be sentenced to 5 years in Federal prison and/or a fine of $250.000. (to be paid in euros)

The EPA reserves the right to change all restrictions without notice to properly conserve the scarce resources of the planet and limit the emission of all greenhouse gases.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #25

Congratulations to Martha Coakley, who, after winning the Massachusetts Democratic primary for Senator, will be elected in January for the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. Once she gets to Congress, she can then work ernestly to redistribute wealth in the United States. She should, however, be asked if she's read the Constitution before she begins her ambitious liberal agenda to right the wrongs of our terrible capitalistic system.

Harry Reid, that scion of freedom --ah, what the hell--he's not worth talking about.

It looks like the Democrats will get a healthcare bill passed possibly before the Christmas--I'm sorry, the HOLIDAY break, due to some kind of compromise reached with reluctant Democrats and turncoat Republican Olympia Snow of Maine. We don't know what the terms of the compromise are since it was reached behind closed doors--those same closed doors that the President and the Democrats promised would be sooooooo transparent. In the meantime Snow should do the only honest thing she's probably done since she got to the Senate, and that would be to become a Democrat.

One other thing--shouldn't all these lawmakers do the honorable thing and pledge to subject themselves to this healthcare plan just like all the rest of us? Don't hold your breath.

Who's the most dangerous individual in Washington? President Obama or Lisa Jackson. There's no doubt. If you don't know the answer I suggest you arm yourself with knowledge about just who Lisa Jackson is and what she can do to destroy our why of life. May some God, somewhere, have mercy on our souls!