Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #15

News flash from Washington, DC---August 23, 2009

As President Obama heads for vacation on Martha’s Vineyard this afternoon, the White House has adjusted the projected ten year deficit to be 9 trillion instead of 7.1 trillion dollars. To help offset what can only be called ‘less than enthusiastic news’ for the government projection, Obama has recommended that the Treasury print a new currency denomination. The new bill will be a 1 million dollar denomination with President Obama’s likeness on the face. The treasury decided on the President’s picture rather than the options of either Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. Both of these individuals were assured that should an additional currency be required their likeness will be on those bills. PMNS has learned that Pelosi was guaranteed that she would be on the 10 million note. No comment, as of yet, from Harry Reid.

The recent deal between Brazil’s Petrobras Oil Co. and the Obama administration is taking some heat from US Oil Companies. US Oil producers wonder why they can’t be recipients of a deal with the government rather than Petrobras. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, emphasized the importance of the deal saying that George Soros, who owns a large share of Petrobras, couldn’t wait any longer for a return on his investment. Evidently, the 10 million dollars he gave to the Obama campaign put him first in line for payback. Exxon Executives who donated to the Obama campaign are appealing.

In order to get the new 1 million dollar bills circulating as soon as possible, President Obama is suggesting a new stimulus of 50 trillion to go to all Democratic districts for any purpose that the Congressmen or Senators may wish. Nancy Pelosi has suggested that the Golden Gate Bridge be torn down and a new bridge be put in its’ place. Her name for the new bridge?--The PelosiReidWaxmanHoyerMurthaDingellBerry Bridge. Total cost is expected to be 5000 Obamas. When asked how much the toll would be to cross Pelosi reportedly said, “we’re not sure, but the booths will be called the ‘Republican Toll Booths’”.

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