Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #30

Cup of coffee and a morning paper

Nothing starts my day better, or gives me more enjoyment, than a cup of coffee and a morning newspaper. I realize this is probably going to be an anachronistic activity (oxymoronic in the sense of expending calories) in the very near future. People no longer read newspapers at the level they used to just a few short years ago. News is now supplied via internet, tweets and by other mobile connection. A pity, since there's so much to marvel at with the stupendous inanity that exists in today's world.

Take for instance our current Democratic leadership both in Massachusetts and Washington. John Kerry, that esteemed leader of numerous purple hearts, has declared that Massachusetts will benefit greatly from the largesse of the recently passed healthcare legislation. The $500 million the state will receive over the next three years will help stabilize our Medicaid program. Martha Coakley, erstwhile Senator-to-be, calls the legislation acceptable for now, but it's only a beginning. Does anyone see the idiocy of these statements and the damage that will be done to our economy (not to mention our freedom) from these ill advised programs? Where does all the money come from to fund these leviathans; what human capital and treasure must be expended to better our fortunes as claimed by their adherents? The answer lies in the question. People must provide their productive effort, their livelihood, a portion of their income to an ever increasing demand of the Federal trough.

Money comes from the printing press, or it comes from increased productivity. Do our leaders understand this basic notion? I think not. They live in a world unfazed by work, sweat or labor that has any connection with reality. They see only the benefit of a constituency appeased of its desire for idle time. A nation cannot long remain free, prosperous and strong on such a path. I fear our path has now been set and it's not one where a posterity will look kindly on. With one sixth of our economy now securely in the hands of the bureaucrats, our socialist ties have now bound us to a bleak future. Think otherwise if you wish, but I see no bright future as the Democrats preen with delight over their newly won triumph.

In any event, I shall continue to enjoy my morning coffee and paper. They provide sustenance to a grieving soul.

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