Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Everyday thoughts

Anyone out there getting tired of seeing those pandering, pinheaded Democratic candidates for the seat of Senator Ted Kennedy tripping all over themselves in an attempt to be as liberal as possible? What a bunch of useless idiots! The worst candidate, by far, in my opinion, is Steve Pagliuca. Here's a guy who's a successful, self made millionaire(which I don't begrudge) who just can't seem to say enough about how's he's going to help the citizens of Massachusetts strike a blow against the vagaries of an out of control free enterprise system.

Steve loves the idea of a 'public option' and will do all he can to get it included in healthcare reform. Jeez Steve, did you really make all your money by being that brainiac that you appear to be, or did you get a lot of help from the government? Read the Constitution, Steve, and then get back to us about just where, in that document, you get the authority to pass a healthcare reform bill. Take your time, Steve. We can wait.

Then there's Martha Coakley, that scion of a consumer protection advocate. There's this little commercial her campaign has been airing lately that shows an elderly lady talking about the cost of medication. The poor woman just can't afford to pay for it all. Unless I'm mistaken, Martha, this ad is called an anecdote. Just what we need to reform the ENTIRE healthcare industry--anecdotel evidence that some older people can't afford their medications. Martha informs us that we have a special responsibility to help these folks pay their bills. I'll be skewered for this, but here it goes--THE OLD LADY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HERSELF__I'M NOT!! People make decisions every day that may adversely affect their lives. Live with it! At the very least, make common sense changes to the healthcare system, that I've written about in other blogs, that will really benefit people in being able to pay for their meds.

This brings up the frontrunner--Michael Capuano. He won't send any more troops to Afghanistan, not a single one, without a clear strategy has to how we're going to win/exit said war. Well, Mike, you'd better hope the war is over before you get to Congress because your supreme leader, his eminence, Barack Obama, just announced his new redesigned, redone way to triumph in our war in Afghanistan--30,000 more troops are heading for the hills, Mike. You might want to send him a rather stern note about this ill-advised action that he's about to take. Oh, I forgot, Mike, you're a Democrat. You're the party of'what the leader says, you agree with. So sit down and SHUT UP, MIKE! Make like a PANDER BEAR, MIKE!!

So there you have it--the future of the country ably put into the hands of one of the above democrats. God help us!!!!!

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