Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--editorial #19

The Perfect Political Storm

Mark Levin made reference to a political strategy on his show on Novemeber 19, 2009 that I had never heard of before. It's known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The basic thesis behind this strategy, first articulated by Cloward & Pivin in 1966, was to overload the US Government with entitlement programs thus causing the collapse of the economic system. The ultimate result would be replacing the capitalistic, free enterprise system with a Marxist system that guaranteed national income for all citizens. The American Thinker published an article by Nancy Coppock in february that does an excellent job in spelling out the strategy.

Is this clever strategy being used today by the Obama administration? If you look at the explosion of federal programs put forth you would have to take pause at this possibility. We currently have unsustainable growth in the deficit with two very expensive entitlement programs about to be passed through Congress. Our projected debt by the year 2020 will be approximately $24.5 trillion. This CBO estimate is almost surely conservative. The final figure could easily be $30 trillion. Can all this debt possibly be paid, or will the system collapse? As I've written in previous articles, I see bankruptcy and collapse as inevitable.

Could Obama, therefore, have a strategy in mind similar to Cloward-Pivin that will allow his radical elements within the administration to completely remake society along the Marxist model; a command economy with a head of state that holds Marxist views? I believe that could be a very real possibility. I've stated before that the current focus on spending by Obama does not follow any rational hypothesis; that it is an insane policy that cannot be sustainable. I don't believe, therefore, that Obama is insane; quite the contrary. His machinations are well orchestrated to produce exactly the results he desires. The only question is what position Obama will hold in the rebuilt state. The only logical answer would be a dictator, or supreme head of state in full control of the economy and society. One need only look at his radical associations with several czars that he has appointed as well as those characters he associated with prior to being elected President.

This is a very dangerous individual. So dangerous, in fact, that our Republic, our Constitution and our traditional way of life could soon be gone. I'm not sure what path we can follow to change this hideous road we're on, but we must not go down without letting members of Congress know that we won't stand idly by while a Marxist ruins our nation. There have to be some Democrats who are dismayed and sickened by the actions of this rogue administration. We must press the issue with any and all elected officials who can judge for themselves the danger we face. If we can find no one, however, then we are surely doomed.

We have arrived at the point of a perfect political storm. The election of Barack Obama would not have been possible without a Republican Party having been severly weakened by an unpopular president waging,what seemed to be, unpopular wars and a penchant for spending at a rather liberal clip. The 'hope and change' promised by the neophyte Senator from Illinois seemed a reasonable quality for the people to rely on. Being that Obama was black reinforced the aspirations of the left to attain power. The ideal candidate to bring equality of results to the American landscape was born. Academic elites, slip and fall trial lawyers and general far left miscreants could now aspire to power not dreamed of by any other generation. The failures of the socialists and marxists from the twenties through the sixties would be vindicated.

What will the far left do to finish off the Constitution as a document to carry weight with the populace? The 'necessary & proper' clause will be invoked and a prostrate people will acquiesce to the knowledge of the elites with hardly a wimper. By 2020 the perfect political storm will have raged for several years and a grateful populace will gladly render to those in power the ability to make life bearable. A new age will begin; an age of equality, liberty and fraternity. Long live the second American revolution!

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