Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Pete Morin News Service--Editorial #11

These are, indeed, depressing times that we live in. I was listening to the Mark Levin radio show earlier today when a doctor in California called into the show to express an opinion. The doctor was asked whether she approved of the idea of having individuals fined and/or imprisoned if they did not purchase healthcare insurance. The answer she gave astounded me. Evidently, she didn't mind this notion in the least, felling that everyone should be compelled to have insurance.

Have we lost our minds? Have we lost so much of our independence and character that we would resort to such a mindless conclusion; that our fellow citizens should be incarcerated if they don't do exactly what the government says they should do? How did we get to this point? How could we abandon the innate freedom, the individuality that is so important to the American ethos? I'm saddened and stunned to even hear such foolishness, especially from the mouth of a doctor; a supposed educated individual.

Then again, there's where the problem lies. This person may have a superb medical education, but as far as knowing anything about history, or law, or philosophy--there's nothing there but an empty mind content with the belief that government is all knowing and always good and she's perfectly content with living in such a society.

I fear that this doctor isn't alone. I fear that the government controlled schools have done their jobs well; they've done an excellent job at indoctrinating students in the idea that the bigger a government is the more it can do for its' people. If this is so, then we have only a future of subserviance to an all powerful master.

I've written previously that the Constitution is dead. The realization that this may be so has finally hit me. I wrote somewhat in jest, but now there is no levity. We have taken the collective wisdom of brilliant men who recognized the dangers of unlimited government and flushed them down the toilet of collectivism and socialism. We believe that we can compel people through law to do what they know is not right morally. We believe we can rewrite the works of historical precedent. We believe we have perfected mankind to a level never seen previously, or dreamed of, by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam or even lesser mortals such as Rousseau, Plato, Marx et. al. Mark Levin would call this a 'soft tyranny'. By any other name it is nothing more than tyranny. We will discover with dismay, and I say this especially to that doctor, that lawful tyranny will beget more tyranny until the day comes when there is, utterly, no freedom.

What's next? the car you drive, or even if you're allowed to drive. The house you live in, or even where you're allowed to live. The food you eat, or even whether you're allowed to eat. The books you read, what you watch on television or whether there are books or TV. The thoughts you have, or whether there will be thinking! The chip that will be implanted in your child's brain will be all you need to know. There will be none of the above.

Welcome to the twenty first century.

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