Monday, January 6, 2014

Pete Morin Editorial Review #2014--1

It's been quite awhile since I posted anything to this blog, in fact, nothing in 2013. Perhaps because it's downright depressing to look at the political situation in a nation once known for individualism and concern for property rights as expressed in our founding charter.

Alas, those days are gone. Today we have an especially intrusive national government bent on knowing our every move. The NSA tracks our communications, Obamacare demands to know our medical history and the progressive left seems to consider these issues to be good for the general welfare.

The national mainstream media fawn all over this brand of leadership and the rancor they engender paints people who believe in personal, and property rights, to be 'extremist.'

Based on this hypothesis of a country ill prepared to defend a people from becoming subjects to a leviathan masked as a government, allow me to present the following possible outcomes on the political scene for 2014.

1) Obamacare will continue to be unworkable. Increasing the number of people with insurance without increasing the number of doctors, hospitals and support personnel, flys in the face of the law of supply and demand. I suspect that progressives understand this, although one can't be sure how much penetrates the brains of a progressive ideologue. Obama's true intention could be to create a disastrous system. Then he, and his socialist handlers, could point to the utter failure of the free market concerning healthcare and call for a single payer system.

2) The NSA will continue to spy on all Americans. Challenges will be made to the Supremes Court, but to no avail. John Roberts is now a full fledged liberal progressive and he will want to stay in the good graces of his new lords and masters in the Executive Branch.

3) A comprehensive immigration bill will be passed because a pathetically weak Speaker will go to any lengths to quiet opposition to anything but Obamacare.

4) The Middle East will explode. Israel will attack nuclear facilities in Iran causing a major conflagration throughout the region. Iraq will sink into civil war with Al Queda playing a significant role in the mayhem.

5) The US economy will take a major hit when war breaks out in the Middle East. The stock market will take a dive incurring loses of 30-40%. The effects of Obamacare, and the poor economy, will cause unemployment to skyrocket in the range of 10-12%. Rioting in the inner cities, with more calls for income redistribution, will become a constant refrain. Bill De Blasio, the new mayor of New York City will drop his facade of being a progressive and call for a socialist state in the mold of Cuba or Venezuela.

6) A strong Conservative leader will call for the impeachment of President Obama once the Republicans gain control of the Senate. It's entirely possible that he will be convicted despite the aforementioned rioting taking place in the inner cities.

There are many more points that could be listed that makes for a very interesting 2014 and beyond, but of one thing I'm certain; the United States cannot continue on with any kind of progressive leadership. Progressivism must be fought, destroyed and buried. It is no longer good enough to just watch from the sidelines as the Nation descends into economic hell. It is no longer acceptable to 'go along to get along' in the Nation's legislative branch. Tough, hard nosed leadership from Republicans is absolutely necessary if we are to retain any semblance of a free people.

One hundred years ago Lord Grey said it succinctly at the start of World War I: The lamps are going out all across Europe. Let's not have the lamp of liberty go out in this great country. Advocate, and fight for, FREEDOM!! There is NO alternative.

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