Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #54

Dependence Day

July 4Th is just around the corner and we can all go out and enjoy the festivities. Yes folks, we can celebrate Dependence Day.

If anyone, with even half a brain, believes that we are independent and free of government tyranny, then please ask yourselves the following:

1) Can I purchase my own health insurance without Federal and State mandates?

2) Can I ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

3) Can I use a cellphone in a car?

4) Do I have to pay into the Social Security Fund?

5) Do I have to sign up for Medicare at age 65?

6) Do I have to pay a 3.9% sales tax on my home when I sell it?

7) Do I have to pay a 20% Capital Gains tax on the sale of stock?

8) Do I have to use the new compact fluorescent light bulbs after 2014?

9) Do the toilets in my house have to be the 1.6 gallon water saver version?

10) Do I have to have the Federal Government confiscate between 15-39.6% of my income every year?

11) Do I have to pay an 'exit tax' to the Federal Government if I wish to renounce my citizenship?

12) Do I have to contemplate the these additional issues--
a) a government VAT tax
b) government confiscation of my retirement account, either IRA or 401k
c) increased energy tax costs through 'cap & trade'(a.k.a the 'Waxman, Markey bill)
d) what kind of car I can drive(if government can tell you that you MUST have health insurance, why not tell me that I MUST own a government approved vehicle)
e) will I incur the government's wrath by questioning their taking over the following--
all financial institutions
automobile companies
energy production
college tuition costs
telling me what foods are acceptable to eat ( it's done at the state level, why not at the Federal level)

I'm sure there's much more I could list, but time and space make it impossible to finish. Understand, we fought a revolutionary war against the British over the Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Navigation Acts and a little thing called 'tea.' The combination of these acts doesn't come close to what our own government is doing to its' citizens today and yet we acquiesce. Why? Because over 50% of the population is DEPENDENT on the Federal government for their daily survival. We're done, folks. Stick a fork in us. We are now a nation of wimps, whiners and cry babies.

Ain't socialism great? (but don't tell the government I said the above. Freedom of speech is on their list)

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