Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #52

Words to live by

Here are some words that everyone should instantly recognize and then file under 'A load of crap'.

FREE-- "That's right ladies and gentlemen, this scooter chair is absolutely free. There's no cost to you even if Medicare doesn't authorize you to have one." (Translation-are we supposed to believe that the supplier, manufacturer, laborer and dealer did it all for nothing?)

SERVICE-- "Our service department will take care of that for you", or, just think of the "Internal Revenue Service." (Translation- if you really think there's such a thing, you indeed will be serviced, right up the you know what!)

AFFORDABLE-- This one's a real beauty. "We've got to get affordable____ for people who can't get it." Anytime you hear this line of bull, think of your wallet getting a little lighter so someone else can enjoy their new, affordable____

DESERVE--Probably the best of all words. "We'll get you the money you deserve." (Translation-the 40% fee will be sent to our POB in the Cayman Islands).

If there's any words, or terms, that you'd like to add, email me at . This is a FREE SERVICE AFFORDABLE to all who DESERVE it!


  1. I dont' think the end of this man's illustrious career is cause for humor. I don't know what General McChrystal was thinking, making such intemperate remarks, to a journalist no less, knowing his insubordination would most surely result in his dismissal, but it saddens me all the same. All those years of hard work, and it ends this way, reputation in tatters, no pension. But you rock, Pete, and usually I'm with you with you all the way. Just not this time.

  2. Whoops, posted comment to wrong article. Sorry, ignore here and see next article.