Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #48

Hypocrisy in Beantown

There was an article in the Boston Herald Business section today featuring a speech given by US Rep. Ed Markey and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that has to highlighted for its sheer hypocrisy.

Both House Reps were in Watertown, MA at an event to promote clean energy technology, but both energy geniuses had to get their digs in against BP. Let me quote just one line from Rep. Markey and you tell me if this doesn't smack of pure BS. "It's the responsibility of the government, however, to make sure that BP's equipment, technology and expertise are used in a way that protects the safety of the ocean, of the shores and of the taxpayers of the United States."

Now let me be clear. BP is responsible for whatever went wrong with this particular operation, but isn't it the US Government, with its regulatory agencies, supposed to make sure that drilling operations are conducted in a safe manner? Doesn't the US Government issue leases to drill offshore with the proviso the companies follow all the guidelines and regulations concerning such drilling? Or is it possible that the left hand of government doesn't know what the right hand is doing since the maze of regulations make it impossible to fathom what's acceptable and what isn't?

The big Lebowski, however, is Rep. Markey's concern for the US taxpayer. What chutzpah! What arrogance! What downright hubris coming from a group of lawmakers that have taxed and spent this society into a mountain of debt. Unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare alone are approaching $100 TRILLION dollars. That's TRILLION!!! Our national debt is now $13 TRILLION dollars which equals approximately 85% of our GDP(Gross Domestic Product). Long term prospects for debt levels are even greater with the passage of ObamaCare, and don't even think about what Cap & Tax will do to the economy.

These liberal politicians are utterly shameless, pathetic, spineless minions who have to be removed and replaced with leaders that have a backbone in order to right the ship of state. This must commence in November, or the future of this great country will be one of fast decline where our descendants will see their standard of living reduced significantly from previous generations.

Wake up America--and this includes you big government liberals. It's been said many times and needs to be repeated here; Any government powerful enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you own!

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