Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #37

In search of an honest Democrat

The United States of America is in serious trouble. Some portion of the 52% of Americans who voted for Barack Obama have got to be wondering just what they've purchased when they put him in the white house. At least I certainly hope so. Last years federal budget had a shortfall of $1.4 trillion and this years is expected to be approximately $1.6 trillion. Does anyone believe we'll survive this spending binge intact as a nation? Can our children and grandchildren expect to lead better lives following this spending debacle?

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned the Cloward-Piven strategy first articulated around 1970 by two professors at Columbia University by the same name. This strategy was intended to stress the Capitalist system to the breaking point by making the population totally dependent on the Federal Government. You can do this by devaluing the money supply, expanding government spending, driving a wedge between producers and non-producers and creating large new government programs. The subsequent expansion of governmental power would overwhelm the free market system and force the people to seek refuge in a command economy. Barack Obama is presenting just such a strategy in America today. Spending by the government is reaching unheard of levels with deficits that cannot possibly be sustained. Once joblessness and inflation hit the economy(similar to stagflation in the 1970's) the populous will demand that government take control of the rapacious private sector--at least that's what Obama hopes will take place. He can then ride to the rescue and completely annihilate any vestiges of a free market that may survive.

Where does this lead us and what place does a representative government have in such an atmosphere? The first part of the question leads us to a command economy where all economic planning is done centrally, i.e. by government itself. The second part of the question is more difficult to answer since it invokes the title of the essay. Just where are the honest Democrats? Where are those individuals who believe in freedom and the free market hiding? Where have they gone and how could they support such a fiendish takeover of the democratic process in a constitutional republic. The answer could only be that they are hesitant to oppose Obama for fear of losing their privileged positions of government power. They are too concerned with maintaining power and privilege. They are willing to sacrifice the republic for their own aggrandizement. In other words, they're cowards; pusillanimous, pathetic cowards.

When, and if, any history is written about this period in American history it will not be kind to those who stood by and did nothing to stop the destruction of property rights, freedom and the democratic process. NOW is the time for HONEST Democrats to step forward and question what this radical president is doing to the nation. Waiting any longer only exacerbates the problem of reversing course and saving our liberties.

To the rest of you--1, 2, 3 hold your breath.

I've changed the name of my blog to the "Editorial Review". The News Service name worked only as a satirical label. I may continue to write in that vein, but seriousness has its place.

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  1. Just read your "The Pillars of Liberal Progressivism" American Thinker - very nice. I'm going to quote it in an article next week. Thanks!