Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #39

A nanny Nation

Whenever I feel a moment of unrestrained raw emotion I pick up a copy of that bastion of liberal thought, The Nation.

The February 1st copy has a comment by Bernie Sanders. You've heard of Bernie. He's the only avowed socialist senator in the US Congress. Bernie usually votes with the liberal elements of the Senate, but in this comment section he's making sure that his followers know exactly who's to blame with the Congress NOT passing healthcare and other legislation. "In my view, the Democrats--including the president--have absurdly continued to stumble along the path of "partisanship" at exactly the same time the Republicans have waged the most vigorously partisan and obstructionist strategy in recent history." Now, Bernie, let's get real for just a second. As you, and other liberal types, are fully aware the Democrats in the House have passed both Cap & Trade and Healthcare legislation. The Senate, however, has passed nothing. And why not Bernie? I know you blame the "obstructionist" Republicans, but didn't the Democrats have a supermajority? You know what a supermajority is, don't you Bernie? That's right, you fool, they can pass whatever legislation they want without fear of a filibuster. The Repubs didn't have the votes, you liar! The Senate couldn't get the job done because not even members of your own party could swallow your socialist, nanny state crap, BERNIE!

No matter what evidence Bernie is presented with, it's doubtful that he could muster the intestinal fortitude to say that socialist programs aren't a winner in the United States. He states bravely in his final comment that "(w)e can learn from the past. The last time our nation faced economic challenges as great as ours, Franklin Roosevelt embraced progressive social policies and major financial and economic reform.......now is the time to remember that lesson." Sorry to rain on your socialist parade, Bernie, but embracing progressive policies actually made the depression WORSE! Check it out folks if you don't believe it. After 5 years of wonderful 'progressive' legislation the country was still mired in a severe recession with unemployment at 18%.

So, if you want a good laugh and can take a great amount castor oil, I recommend reading The Nation. It'll keep you amused for weeks at a time.

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