Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pete Morin News Service--Issue #36

Complex government for complex times

Yes, we do indeed live in complex times and, therefore, must have by this very nature a complex government. Progressives wouldn't have it any other way. How can we possibly be successful in managing our affairs in such a complicated world without the benevolent help of a modern day nanny? How about we take a look at the time of the founding; the time when the Constitution was written and see if we truly understand what struggle means. Of course, struggle isn't necessarily the same as complexity, but let's try, shall we?

Imagine that you live about ten miles outside of Philadelphia and you're charged with providing food for the local tavern situated near Independence Hall in the summer of 1787. You live in a small farm house(that you built) and you awaken at 4:00 am to milk the cows, feed the pigs, horses, chickens and other assorted barnyard animals. You then gather up the produce from your ten acres of land that's used for the purpose of selling in the city.

By this time, it's 6:00 am and it's time to eat breakfast before you start the trek to Philadelphia. You have to finish by 6:30 otherwise you'll be late in arriving at your destination. You hitch the horse to the loaded wagon to make your way to the city and finally arrive at 8:30 am. Your stay in the city will be brief, however, since you must stop at the feed store and mercantile to buy bolts of cloth that your wife will use to make some new cloths. Winter will be fast upon you and clothing to survive the season is a must. You remember last winter when you almost froze to death when a rotted beam in the barn came crashing down on your head rendering you unconscious for what seemed like hours. Even though you were rescued by your concerned wife you knew it would be impossible to miss even one day caring for the livestock.

You return home by 1:00 pm and do the afternoon milking and take on those chores such as fence repair, barn repairs that seem to take up so much of your precious time. Meanwhile, your wife has been cleaning the house, washing and repairing clothes. The preferred method to washing clothes is down in the stream located about 1/4 mile behind the house. Your wife always seems a little haggard after lugging the clothes this distance, but what can she do since your two children are only 3 and 1 and can't help as of yet with these chores. You look forward to the day when they can join you to help in the daily labors. Their schooling is important, but the upkeep of the farm is equally so.

After supper you and the wife and children can enjoy some quiet time reading and recounting the days' activity before the meager candlelight aggravates your eyes. Finally, the night sounds engulf your consciousness and you go to sleep listening to the whippoorwills serenading in the fields.

Government programs--N0ne

Contrast that with what we have to endure today. Can't pay you fuel bill? Apply for fuel assistance. Can't pay for your groceries? Apply for food stamps. Lost your job? Apply for unemployment compensation. Have an accident and need medical attention? Go to an emergency room. They can't turn anyone away. Are you a single parent and can't find a job? Apply for welfare.

Government programs--Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food stamps, SCHIP, Unemployment insurance, and literally untold programs to meet the needs of any individual industrious enough to apply for them.


Devices that make life simpler--Automobiles, radios, Ipod, Computers, cellphones, washer & dryer, refrigerator & stove, vacuum cleaner, electricity, furnaces, air conditioners etc..etc..
These devices are brought to you by those dreaded individuals called Capitalists. How we hate those despicable over-achievers!

Now I ask you: which do you think was the more complex age to live in? Just what makes our current lives so complex and difficult? How can we compare our present age to any other in recorded history. Want a good idea what it was really like to suffer an abominable existence? Try reading William Manchester's "A World Lit Only by Fire". It should be required reading for all modern day crybabies and whiners. We've sold our souls to ambitious politicans willing and able to soften our existence. I wouldn't want to live in 19th century America, but neither do I want to endure the connivance of unscrupulous political hacks.

Wake up America! do a few things for yourself. Live free and learn what our ancestors knew all too well: Life may be hard but, Independence = freedom.

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