Thursday, January 28, 2010

THe Pete Morin News Service--Issue #35

Power & Control

Will we be able to really change politics in the future, or will it remain the same old game of power and control?

Looking back on the history of the political enterprise in the United States, you can see the unending march of Federal authority over peoples lives. The siren song of the demogogue resonates keenly with those people whose travails seem impossible to overcome. Politicains get elected, by and large, by their ability to convince those pusillanimous individuals that only they, the politicain, that is, can better their lives and fortunes. The actual result is quite different. A bigger government, stricter regulations and less freedom to live one's life has, more often than not, become the reality.

Government in the United States has become stronger, more intrusive and overbearing to those who wish to follow the precepts written within the Constitution; namely those that espouse limited government, states rights and individual liberty. Behind this intrusion stands the Democratic Party, the party of division. Listen to Democrats talk and all you'll hear are divisive notes; young v. old, white v. black, men v. women, corporate v. non-corporate, have v. have nots. Conservatism is a thought process(or lack thereof) of benighted fools. Liberalism and progressivism are the thoughts of the wise and benevolent. This is not only how they acquire power and control over those who accept their policies, but over those who believe strongly in limited government.

The more I gleen from the political landscape, the more I realize that the modern Democratic Party has no understanding of, nor any desire to understand, the Constitution. Power and control over peoples lives is their paramount concern. In Barack Obama they have found a leader who will bring them to the promised land of total control of everything that walks, talks, breaths and dares to consider itself free to live a life unencumbered from government excess. Will they be successful in stamping out individuality, innovation and freedom in our daily lives? Time will tell, but this november the initial test will be whether people understand what has been done to them for the past 70-80 years.

Stayed tuned--the more things change, the more they remain the same?

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