Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Pete Morin EDitorial Review 2012-3

A Nation worth saving

Tonight on the Mark Levin radio talk show, Mark will ask his callers to respond to whether or not the United States of America can be returned to a Constitutional Republic; in essence, can it be saved from Progressives, Liberalism and ultimately, Socialism.

I've thought long and hard about this question and have written many articles extolling the virtues of a free economy in a Constitutional Republic along with a genuine reading of the Constitution as the Founders intended. This last statement carries with it the usual opprobrium from leftists that the Founders could not have foreseen the problems facing America in the 21st century, and therefore, a more relaxed reading of the document offers us the best hope to contend with such problems.


The Founders didn't write a document especially for their time, but a document they intended to explain what, and how, a government should interact with the citizenry. It was a compact, if you will, between the power of the State and the people who would invest it with such a power. It was NEVER intended to answer any pressing social questions, either then, or in the future. It's content and genius was born of the ideal of Federalism; i.e. most governing would take place at the State, or local, level. The more serious points of debt repayment to the States and making commerce 'regular' would be the extreme points to be argued. It even left slavery to be settled by future generations with the importing of slaves being the only point garnering mutual agreement.

But back to the original statement at the beginning of the post.

I believe we have reached a tipping point, if you will, where a majority of Americans re lie on government handouts for their daily sustenance. I'm there myself, having received my first social security check this month. I have to admit that it felt good, but I also know where it comes from; not from some beneficent government concerned with my welfare, but from hard working people contributing from their well earned paychecks. As a matter of jocularity, I remind my nieces and nephews to work hard since I expect the payments to continue. It is no laughing matter, however, that future generations will be expected to pay all bills remitted to them.

And so it is that we are now a handout nation, a majority looking for easy street through a future of toil and sweat from those yet unborn. Liberals have their new Constitution today and will remake it again tomorrow to address a new set of social questions. The roles of the dependents will increase, and freedom , self reliance and limited government will wilt and die.

"What kind of government do we have Mr. Franklin." His answer should have been," a Republic, but I doubt you'll keep it."

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