Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review 2012-2

A Ward of the State

In approximately three weeks something new, and different, will happen to me; I officially become a ward of the state! At the end of February I will receive my first social security check. When I started paying into the 'trust fund' almost fifty years ago the thought of actually receiving this money never really occurred to me. Now it's about to happen and I couldn't be more proud to proclaim that I am now affiliated with the trough feeders that support the Democrat Party.

Let me be very clear about something--you hard working productive members of society better keep your noses to the grindstone so I can maintain the lifestyle that I'm accustomed to. I won't brook any more talk of downsizing government, or making cuts in retirement programs. No sir, no more ridiculous nonsense about cutting social security, or Medicare. I won't listen to any 'conservative' who champions the idea of fiscal restraint. I want my money and I want it now!!

Thank God for the progressives of the Democratic party. Thank God for all the liberals who stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are concerned only for welfare of our fellow Americans. Those mean, dastardly Republicans lead by their out of touch conservative talk show radio hosts and their lackeys in Congress should be ashamed of what they're trying to do to the poor and dependent people struggling to get by in this terrible capitalist environment. Long live the Democrat Party! Long live Progressives who strengthened our future by providing us with security!

Ain't it great to be a 'Ward of the State.'

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