Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #63

The Heart of Free Enterprise

Did you ever stop to consider what the true essence of a free society embodies? Just what makes us a free people with the ability to determine our own path in life? Nothing can be more sacred to the free enterprise system and capitalism itself then the contract. Every time we engage in a transaction with another individual, or a business, we exercise this most basic of all human endeavors.

Today, in America, the contract is under relentless assault from the far left. President Obama and his minions want to let you know you're too stupid to determine what's best for you. Their prime aim is to ingratiate themselves between you and those with whom you wish to contract. Think this is a preposterous notion? I invite you to reflect on the following:

1) The current U.S. Congress has determined that you can't be trusted to purchase your own healthcare. The new ObamaCare injects itself between you and your doctor with respect to the best treatment you should receive. Don't like the government's choice and run afoul of the law and you'll get a visit from the IRS.

2) With a little help from their friends (General Electric), Congress has seen fit to outlaw incandescent light bulbs in approximately two years for the new CFL light bulbs. They're so much better, according to the ruling class. Any business that attempts to sell those old bulbs after the proscribed date will feel the wrath of a nanny government scorned.

3) We now have several 'safeguards' in place to prevent financial institutions from ripping us off, or at least that's what we're led to believe. The truth, however, is a little more complex. Credit will be harder for small companies to secure since banks will be less likely to sustain any losses that could put them at a financial disadvantage. Credit cards will be more difficult to obtain and rates will remain high even for the most credit worthy.

4) The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that our energy producing industries don't meet their stringent requirements with respect to carbon emissions. Think your heating oil is expensive now? Wait until you see the price come winter.

5) Want to renovate your bathroom? When it comes time to choose a new toilet the only kind you'll be able to purchase is the inefficient, low-flow, 1.6 gallon model (anyone familiar with this type of toilet knows it takes as many as three flushes before you get the desired result).

6) Aren't you just excited about the new Chevy Volt? Can't wait to get your hands on this $40,000 + vehicle, can you. You'll get an amazing 100 + miles of emission free mileage from this beauty. When you get home (assuming you make it home), all you have to do is plug it in to an electrical outlet for eight hours and you're all set for another 100 + mile cruise. Hopefully, your electrical supplier is a wind turbine farm, otherwise it's more carbon emissions! Don't fret though. I'm sure the price will come down when government hits car companies with a surcharge, or tax, for producing those antiquated gas burning vehicles.

All of the above are instances where government has come between you and other people, or businesses, with whom you might wish to contract. Under the guise of protection, or superior knowledge, the ruling class let's us know we're not capable of contracting on our own. They will decide for us because we are the benighted, unwashed masses. The two hundred year tradition of buying and selling; the bond that has made our nation the most successful in the history of mankind will be junked for a more efficient model. The heart of free enterprise will be ripped from the collective chest.

If we don't get to the polls on November, 2nd and change this disastrous course we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. The choice to contract freely is yours--don't waste it.

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