Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #60

Failure is not an option

The above was supposedly uttered by Gene Krantz when Apollo 13 was in danger of being lost on its return flight from the moon in 1970.

America faces a challenge today far greater than that faced by the astronauts on that fateful mission. If we Americans fail to retain the freedom to pursue our lives as we see fit without an overreaching government breathing down our necks, then we will have failed not just ourselves, but all those generations that came before us in securing liberty for themselves and their posterity.

This is no idle observation easily dismissed out of hand by those who would wish to see their power and control over men's lives undiminished. The forces of the left would like nothing better than for those of us who cherish our liberty to simply fade away, or acquiesce to their superior intelligence and natural ruling ability. I, for one, will have none of it! I will not stop exposing their shameless record of failed economic policies and blatant attempts to turn our Republic into a European socialist state.

It becomes more apparent every day that President Obama is not qualified for the position he now occupies. The 'historic' moment has turned into an ugly nightmare. Unemployment, home foreclosures, increased taxes and a ridiculous health care plan are but a few of the horrific scenarios that this 'not so presidential' individual has visited upon this great nation. The very least we can do is continue to expose this charlatan for what he is; a Marxist ideologue.

So, I will keep fighting for liberty, limited government and a free enterprise system that exemplifies our history and best traditions. For all Americans failure to do so is not an option.

(Thanks Dave for your kind words of support)

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  1. We need to get you more exposure, Pete; you're penning what an awful lot of us have in our hearts. Thank YOU!