Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review # 2012-9

Lazy Summer Days

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on this blog and perhaps it's because there's so little to write, or there's too much to write about.

We all know the current State of affairs. Obama continues to lead from behind and Romney has just announced that Paul Ryan will be his running mate. Smart move, Mr. Romney. Paul Ryan will lend a very steady, conservative voice to your campaign as week as explain what needs to be done concerning our debt problems. He also brings a very clear understanding of the mess in entitlement programs. No matter how much Demorats scare senior citizens about reforming Medicare every reasonable individual knows that this program, in current form, is unsustainable.

Putting politics aside, living in the Savannah, Georgia area has been a blast. The summer has been the usual muggy oven that only the South can provide, but it reminds me why I'm here. Winter in New England is much worse than summer in Georgia. I'll take the heat and humidity anytime over the long, cold Northern winter. It may be especially brutal mowing the lawn in July, but what a difference from shoveling snow in January!! The people here are very nice as well. We recently hosted a dinner party(nothing fancy, just chicken on the grill and cold salads) where we met some neighbors for the first time and everything went very well. I'm sure some of our neighbors were wondering if a Northern couple were going to be snooty and stuck up as some may have heard, or if we seemed like regular folk. Hopefully, we succeeded at being very regular.

I've also managed to get my opinions inserted in the local newspaper, The Savannah Morning News. I've responded to some local writers and a regional writer based in Atlanta. If I haven't written my blog very often, it isn't because I've stopped writing, it's just that I've turned my interests to local issues.

Anyhow, I've got to get back in the swing of things now the Presidential campaigns will get into full swing. The most important issue now is to remove our Marxist-in-chief from the oval office. Romney may not be the best selection possible, but he's a far sight better than the bum there now. This may seem harsh, but I'm no longer going to hold back criticizing Obama for all the unconstitutional crap that he's pulled. Let me be very clear about one important point: if Obama should be re-elected, and he continues to defy his limitations with respect to Constitutional power, then I'll call for his impeachment. I know he's black. I know I'll be called a racist by those on the left. But guess what--I don't give a damn. Not one damn bit of a damn. Saving the Federal Republic and the Constitution will be worth all the hell that will break loose.

So let the games begin. Let the lies and deception that signify this administration spew forth. Let him tell us what a magnificent job he's done pitting one American against another. Let him continue to tell us that we're not responsible for our successes. Let's have him leave the oval office as a future community organizer where he can emulate his political heroes, Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. Let him..........(fill in your own blank)

Let's rid ourselves of this menace.

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