Monday, April 9, 2012

The Pete Morin Editorial Review 2012-6

Insignificance & Inspiration

It is a lovely evening in the South and as I venture outside to enjoy the cool air and a clear sky full of bright stars that give me a peek into a distant past that only a time traveller could know, I get inspired to think of our small selves and how little we know about eternity.

We travel a time machine that warps the truth about existence. We think of ourselves as immeasurable to the importance of our awareness. The center of this vast universe exists only within our limited ability to understand what we glean from our senses. There is more than what we see, but we cannot see it. There's more to what we know, but we cannot know it. I am an insignificant pebble on a beach of a million billion pebbles, but I think of myself as all important.

I will live a short number of years compared to what the rocks and the sky and the sea will know. I'll believe in many things and accept little as definite truth. A pity, to be sure, but I must push on to believe that my time spent is spent well. We have too few chances to leave our inner selves open to inspection for our fellow men. Their chance to view our souls is only this brief moment and then the stars move on to cast their light on other worlds and other life, life that we cannot know.

As I return to my home and leave the world, and the stars, and the worlds that exist beyond, I feel the beauty of being inspired by their quiet presence that has fed my soul. Be open to wonder, to know what you cannot know, to see what cannot be seen, to understand how quickly the days go by.

Live today, and tomorrow, inspired.

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