Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue # 83


A few questions you might want to ask yourself---

The headline in today's Springfield Republican read, "Payroll error overpays teachers." Why is it that, apparently, no teacher went to their administration to mention that their pay was not correct? Perhaps someone did, but the paper doesn't give any indication that this happened. Click here for an explanation of why the teachers WERE guilty of something.

The headline in today's Boston Herald read, "Out Of the Blue." Apparently, the former CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield got a severance package of $11 million dollars. Why is it that a CEO of a healthcare organization, that lost $150 million dollars in the previous year, should get such a magnanimous 'kiss-off' from the Board of Directors? Healthcare is not cheap in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. What's up with this board?

The GAO(Government Accounting Office) has determined that there are multiple programs in the Federal Government that have duplicative functions. WOW! What a surprise! Go back and read my blog, Issue #80. Martin Gross knew about this TWO YEARS ago. Want to bet that NOTHING changes?

Will anything change because of the above revelations? NAH!

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