Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #81

Of Pyramids & Pyramid Schemes

As we speak, the country of Egypt is in a state of meltdown. Hosni Mubarek, American Allie and all around beneficent dictator, is facing the most serious challenge to his 31 year rule. Will he survive and what will come is any one's guess, but I'm betting that it's not democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt during the 1920's, may see a chance to impose an Islamic state, similar to Iran, upon the Egyptian people. Should this happen, Israel would be in the cross hairs of an emboldened Islamist nightmare.

But why worry--we in the land of milk and honey have our own pyramids known as crushing debt and a bloated Federal Government. Those of us who consider this a national nightmare have been warning our fellow citizens of the danger of Federal over-reach. We, of course, may not end up with the same kind of social disorder taking place in Egypt, but a cause for alarm cannot be ruled out. As long as we have a government that refuses to acknowledge the burdens it's placing on future citizens, we run the chance of a dissolution of our civil society. What would fill the void? Hard to say, but I'm betting it's not democracy.

More than anything else, we need a bold leader to step forward and recognize the exceptionalism of the American spirit and return us to a path of individual liberty and freedom as exemplified by out unique founding documents. If we are to avoid a long, painful decline to a second rate power, with little influence beyond our own myopic view of a stale society, we must demand that Washington change course. We must pressure our elected Representatives to respect, and acknowledge, our exceptional character.

Time is short; in fact, time may not be on our side. Let's work toward rebuilding our civil society, not pyramids to some Utopian view of egalitarianism and entitlement.

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