Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #72

Nightmares & Reality

--there's no doubt I deserve a good life. Thank goodness the new tax bill the Congress is proposing will extend my unemployment benefits at least for another year. You can't be expected to get a great job after only two years on unemployment benefits. I just don't understand why they had to include all those rich people in the legislation. After all, they should pay their fair share.

--I'm really happy that Berkeley, California is awarding the guy who gave wikileaks all those documents hero status. Our Government needs to be brought down a peg or two. We've got too much compared to the rest of the world--I agree with Obama on the wealth redistribution thing and the Government shouldn't have secrets, diplomatic or otherwise.

--our society is racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist and overly vertically challenged. We definitely need to pass laws that make our society more just, equitable and short. The Democrats were doing such a great job. I can't believe that the less enlightened conservative boobs did what they did in November. Talk about bad food for the kiddies--I'm supportive of what Michelle Obama is doing to stop those horrible cookies at bake sales. Our kids nutrition is way more important than choosing to eat crummy, rotten food.

--the Government should definitely spend whatever's necessary to get us back on track. Any economist who knows about anything knows Keynesian economics works every time. A trillion here, a trillion there--whatever!

--we're all immigrants. This nation is a nation of immigrants. The dream act gives illegals--ah--that is undocumented workers--a chance to have the American dream. Besides, they take the jobs that us hard working--ah--us want to be working--Americans can't do.

--everything would be just a whole lot better if George Soros ran the world, everything would be just a ---------

(RINGALINGALINGALINGALINGDINGGGGGGG) Man, I wish that alarm clock wasn't so loud. I think I was having a nightmare, or something was really out of whack. For a moment there I thought that our country was a horrible place to live. But, then again, if it were, would anyone willingly live here? Yeah, it must have been a nightmare--must have been a REAL bad dream. I hope there's hot water. A shower would feel great right now and bring me back to reality. That's what we really need more of--reality.

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