Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #70

Leaves are falling from the trees and the nights are getting longer. We'll enjoy a festive holiday season and, hopefully, not too much snow. Then a young man's fancy turns to--

Since I no longer qualify as a young man, my thoughts will turn to a leather jacket, boots that cover the ankle and the thrill of riding on two wheels. Spring brings back fond memories of riding my Honda 650 Custom with its beautifully chromed steel body flowing along a highway heading to nowhere in particular. Motorcycles and spring belong together and to that end I offer up this short poem. Place yourself there, along side me, travelling a country road and feel the breeze clear your mind.

Feel of the Road

Some people go through life in fancy cars
With their posterior cushioned from shock.
They don't know the feelings the senses can relay,
The sounds, smells, tastes and sights that delight.

Me? I'd rather have no cushion, no easy ride,
No metal jacket to trap my mind and soul.
I'll take two wheels and a blacktop that's long
And my heart sings as the earth moves beneath me.

Give me the throbbing engine pulsating
As a shudder to my boots.
Color me a sky dark with rain or blue with light,
A sun that streaks my visor.

All these things delight, make life worthwhile,
Holding no promise for tomorrow, no sign for the past.
I don't need a cushioned ride,
Just give me only the 'Feel of the Road.'

Come soon Spring

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