Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pete Morin Editorial Review--Issue #68

The Day of Days

Next Tuesday, November 2, 2010, may be one of the most important dates in the history of the United States. On that day the electorate, the voters, the citizens of this great country will have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether we will continue as a Constitutional Republic, or will relinquish our freedoms to a hyper taxing, bloated, out of control central government. We must decide if we will be forever wards of this nanny state, or be free to make our own decisions that best benefit our lives.

For the past two years we've been subjected to the greatest assault on our liberties as free citizens of this country than any other period in our history. Whether it be healthcare, cap & trade, Wall street bailouts, or any other ill conceived government boondoggle, the ability to decide for ourselves what it best for our individual survival has been threatened by an arrogant, aristocratic ruling class impervious to the wishes of people it regards as nothing more than benighted fools intent on leading uninformed lives.

Look around you today. Look at the tremendous achievements of the private sector and what it has done for the advancement of our society. Government didn't create the automobile, the computer, household appliances or any other convenience that has brought us such wealth and made our lives beyond tolerable, but enabled us to seek and pursue happiness. Government, by once playing its intended role of referee and arbiter had all but guaranteed men would flourish in such a free environment. This environment, should we reject the call of a Constitutional Republic and replace it forever with a liberal/socialist/progressive agenda this coming Tuesday, could be damaged beyond repair.

The 'hope and change' that President Obama so artfully projected for the American future is nothing but a fools paradise limiting initiative, risk taking and innovation with a bland, bureaucratic nightmare destroying everything the Declaration of Independence personified as inimical to the rights of a free people. The hope part of the equation is whimsical, but the change part of this same equation is absolutely warranted. We will change our future, Mr. President. We will discard your progressive minions from Congress and then we will discard you in 2012.

The American future will not be relegated to a socialist state, nor will it be subjected to your narcissistic bent.

Look on the bright side Mr. Obama--you can spend thirty or more years spreading your Marxist ideology to any number of universities/aristocratic institutions willing to listen to you expounding on your vast knowledge of how government can best rule people's lives; hopefully, it won't be the American people.

May the Rule of Law once again rule our land.

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